Table of contents for What is biodiversity? / James Maclaurin and Kim Sterelny.

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1 Taxonomy Red in Tooth and Claw
1.1 Biodiversity and “Biodiversity”
1.2 Biodiversity and Biodiversities
1.3 History and Taxonomy
1.4 Diversity as Cause; Diversity as Effect
1.5 Prospectus: The Road Ahead

2 Species: A Modest Proposal
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Species, Species Concepts, and Speciation
2. 3 The Effect of Speciation
2.4 Species and Biodiversity

3 Disparity and Diversity
3.1 The Cone of Increasing Controversy
3.2 How Disparate Was the Cambrian Fauna?
3.3 Fossils in a Molecular World

4 Morphology and Morphological Diversity
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Morphological Diversity
4.3 Biological Possibility Spaces
4.4 The Power of Morphospaces
4.5 Here There Be No Dragons: The Limits of Theoretical Morphology
4.6 Morphological Biodiversity

5 Development and Diversity
5.1 Diversity, Disparity, Plasticity
5.2 The Variety of Developmental Resources
5.3 From Gene Regulation to Modularity
5.4 Modularity in Development and Evolution
5.5 Developmental Biodiversity

6 Explorations in Ecospace
6.1 Ecological Systems
6.2 Communities, Ecosystems, and Ecosystem Functions
6.3 Individualism and Community Regulation
6.4 The Emergent Property Hypothesis
6.5 Boundaries
6.6 The Space of Population Assemblages

7 Conservation Biology: The Measurement Problem
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Counting Taxa
7.3 Measuring Phylogenetic Diversity
7.4 Measuring Genetic Diversity
7.5 Biodiversity Surrogates

8 Conservation Biology: The Evaluation Problem
8.1 Value
8.2 Is Biodiversity Intrinsically Valuable?
8.3 Demand Value
8.4 The Option Value Option
8.5 Applying Option Value: Case 1, Phylogeny
8.6 Applying Option Value: Case 2, Bioprospecting
8.7 Applying Option Value: Case 3, Ecological Option Value
8.8 The Conservation Consequences of Option Value Models

9 Concluding Remarks
9.1 Introduction: The Temptations of a Unified Measure
9.2 The Variety of Diversities
9.3 Should We Conserve Species?


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