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Interviewing Persons with a Learning Disability - C Antaki
How Setting Lower Standards May Inflate Well-Being Scores
Listeners as Co-Narrators - J B Bavelas, L Coates and T Johnson
Discourse Studies and the Ideology of 'Liberalism' - R De Beaugrande
The Discourse Structure of News Stories - A Bell
Crossing Genders, Mixing Languages - N Besnier
The Linguistic Construction of Transgenderism in Tonga
The Power and Politics of Genre - V Bhatia
Styles of Stance in English - D Biber and E Finegan
Lexical and Grammatical Marking of Evidentiality and Affect
The Dialogic Unconscious - M Billig
Psychoanalysis, Discursive Psychology and the Nature of Repression
Investigating Narrative Inequality - J Blommaert
African Asylum Seekers' Stories in Belgium
The Dynamics of Political Interviews - S Blum-Kulka
Dialogue and Confrontation in Venezuelan Political Interaction - A Bolivar
Man in the News - C R Caldas-Coulthard
The Misrepresentation of Women Speaking in News as Narrative Discourse
Role and Position of Scientific Voices Speech in the Media - H Calsamiglia and C L Ferrero
Relativity and Its Discontents - D Cameron
Language, Gender and Pragmatics
The Analysis of Discourse Flow - W Chafe
Missing Links in Mainstream CDA - P Chilton
The Interpretation of Communicative Contexts - A Cicourel
Examples from Medical Encounters
Answers and Evasions - S E Clayman
Author Identification, Idiolect and Linguistic Uniqueness - M Coulthard
Bodies, Beaches and Burn-Times - N Coupland and J Coupland
'Environmentalism' and Its Discursive Competitors
Pro-Faced Receipts of Teases - P Drew
Universal and Culture-Specific Properties of Greetings - A Duranti
Moaning, Whinging and Laughing - D Edwards
The Subjective Side of Complaints
Trial Discourse and Judicial Decision-Making - S Ehrlich
Constraining the Boundaries of Gendered Identities
Is Sybil There? The Structure of Some American English Directives - S Ervin-Tripp
Discourse, Social Theory and Social Research - N Fairclough
The Discourse of Welfare Reform
The Discourse of Colonial Withdrawal - J Flowerdew
A Case Study in the Creation of Mythic Discourse
Resources and Repair - B A Fox, M Hayashi and R Jasperson
A Cross-Linguistic Study of Syntax and Repair
Pragmatic Markers - B Fraser
Coherence in Text versus Coherence in Mind - T Giv[ac]on
Action and Embodiment within Situated Human Interaction - C Goodwin
Constructing Inferences during Narrative Text Comprehension - A C Graesser, M Singer and T Trabasso
Space - P Graham
Irrealis Objects in Technology Policy and Their Role in a New Political Economy
Medical Discourse - B-L Gunnarsson
Sociohistorical Construction
Tactical Uses of Stories - M H Harness Goodwin
Participation Frameworks within Girls' and Boys' Disputes
The Terms of Agreement - J Heritage and G Raymond
Indexing Epistemic Authority and Subordination in Talk-in-Interaction
Politeness, Power and Provocation - J Holmes
How Humour Functions in the Workplace
Stance and Engagement - K Hyland
A Model of Interaction in Academic Discourse
When Talk Isn't Cheap - J Irvine
Language and Political Economy
Political Discourse - S J[um]ager
The Language of Right and Left in Germany
The Uses and Representations of Local Languages in Tourist Destinations - A Jaworski et al
A View from British TV Holiday Programmes
Notes on 'Latency' in Overlap Onset - G Jefferson
Sociolinguistic Resources, Individual Identities and Public Speech Styles of Texas Women - B Johnstone
The Role of Knowledge in Discourse Comprehension - W Kintsch
A Construction-Integration Model
Heteronormativity in Action - C Kitzinger
Reproducing the Heterosexual Nuclear Family in After-Hours Medical Calls
Oral Genres of Humor - H Kotthoff
Against Arbitrariness - G Kress
The Social Production of the Sign as a Foundational Issue in Critical Discourse Analysis
Narrative Analysis - William Labov and Joshua Waletzky
Oral Versions of Personal Experience
Gender, Discourse and Semiotics - M Lazar
The Politics of Parenthood Representations
Reconstructing Topical Sensitivity - P Linell and M Bredmar
Aspects of Face-Work in Talks between Midwives and Expectant Mothers
The Body Literate - A Luke
Discourse and Inscription in Early Literacy Training
You Know, It Depends - R K S Macaulay
Analyzing Self-Constituting Discourses - D Maingueneau
Grace - J R Martin
The Logogenesis of Freedom
Division and Rejection - Rojo L Mart[ac]in
From the Personification of the Gulf Conflict to the Demonization of Saddam Hussein
The News Delivery Sequence - D W Maynard
Bad News and Good News in Conversational Interaction
Temporalit[ac]e, S[ac]equentialit[ac]e et Multimodalit[ac]e au Fondement de l'Organisation de l'Interaction - L Mondada
Le Pointage comme Pratique de Prise du Tour
The Political Function of Narrative in Organizations - D Mumby
Talking to Children in Western Samoa - E Ochs
Nominal and Temporal Anaphora - B H Partee
The Organization of Ideological Diversity in Discourse - S Philips
Modern and Neotraditional Visions of the Tongan State
Argumentation Studies and Discourse Analysis - M Plantin
The French Situation and Global Perspectives
Extreme Case Formulations - A Pomerantz
A Way of Legitimizing Claims
Discursive Social Psychology - J Potter
From Attitudes to Evaluative Practices
Were You Ever in a Situation Where You Were in Serious Danger of Being Killed? Narrator-Listener Interaction in Labov and Waletzky's Narratives - U Quasthoff
Confirming Allusions - E A Schegloff
Toward an Empirical Account of Action
Narrative as Self-Portrait - D Schiffrin
Sociolinguistic Constructions of Identity
The Discourses of Food in the World System - R Scollon
Toward a Nexus Analysis of a World Problem
A Discourse-Centered Approach to Language and Culture - J Sherzer
Linguistics as Metaphor - Shi-Xu
Analyzing the Discursive Ontology of the Object of Linguistic Inquiry
The Writing of Research Article Introductions - J Swales and H Najjar
The Relativity of Linguistic Strategies - D Tannen
Rethinking Power and Solidarity in Gender and Dominance
Talk and Institution - P Ten Have
A Reconsideration of the 'Asymmetry' of Doctor-Patient Interaction
Principal, Plausibility and the Historic Present - J Thornborrow
The Construction of Conflicting Accounts in Public Participation TV
The Clause as a Locus of Grammar and Interaction - S A Thompson and E Couper-Kuhlen
The O J Simpson Case as an Exercise in Narrative Analysis - R Tolmach Lakoff
The Identity Work of Questioning in Intellectual Discussion - K Tracy and J Naughton
Discourse and the Denial of Racism - T A Van Dijk
Strategic Maneuvering - F H Van Eemeren and P Houtlosser
Maintaining a Delicate Balance
The Representation of Social Actor - T Van Leeuwen
Predicaments of Criticism - J Verschueren
Positioning and Interpretative Repertoires - M Wetherell
Conversation Analysis and Post-Structuralism in Dialogue
Daily Political Communication and Argumentation in Direct Democracy - U Windisch
Advocates and Opponents of Nuclear Energy
Turning the Tables - R Wodak
Antisemitic Discourse in Post-War Austria

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