Table of contents for Knots & splices / Steve Judkins and Tim Davison.

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Tools of the trade.
Choosing a rope.
Ten Knots Everyone Should Know.
Round turn & Two half hitches.
Clove hitch.
Figure of eight.
Reef Knot.
Bowline on a bight.
Sheet bend.
Double sheet bend.
Fisherman's bend/Anchor hitch.
Rolling hitch.
Other Useful Knots.
Carrick bend.
Constrictor knot.
Buntline hitch.
Surgeon's knot.
Alpine butterfly bend.
Fisherman's knot/Englishman's knot.
Cow hitch.
Cow hitch round turn and Prusik knot.
Timber hitch.
Marlinespike hitch.
Man harness knot/Artillery loop.
Trucker's hitch/Dolly knot.
Marling hitches.
Coiling a rope.
Turk's head.
Splices & Whipping.
Eye Splice.
Short Splice.
Eye in braid-on-braid rope.
Eye in braid-on-3-strand rope.
Common whipping.
Sailmaker's whipping.
Heat sealing the end of a synthetic rope.

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Knots and splices.