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PART I Chapter 1: Italian Pronunciation and Spelling Pronunciation of Italian Vowels Introducing Yourself Pronunciation of Italian Consonants Introducing People Italian Spelling and Capitalization The Verb Piacere Names and Surnames Chapter 2: Meeting and Greeting People Italian Nouns Asking Chi è? Asking Che Cosa è? Plural Nouns Asking Chi Sono? Italian Titles Meeting and Greeting Expressions Chapter 3: Asking Questions More Plural Nouns Days of the Week and Months of the Year Languages and Nationalities Asking Questions The Italian-Speaking World Other Countries Around the World Chapter 4: Describing People and Things Subject Personal Pronouns The Verb Essere Adjectives Numbers from 0 to 20 Numbers from 21 to 100 Italian Currency Asking Questions with Prepositions Using Quanto and Quale Chapter 5: Expressing Likes and Dislikes (28 pages) The Indefinite Article The Definite Article Expressing Here and There with Essere The Verb Avere The Verb Stare TEST AFTER PART I PART II Chapter 6: Eating and Drinking The Present Indicative of -are Verbs Expressions of Time Verbs Ending in -care, -gare, -ciare, and -giare Italian Food and Drink The Verbs Bere and Dare More About Nouns and Gender The Numbers from 100 to 1000 Chapter 7: Telling Time The Present Indicative of -ere Verbs The Verbs Fare and Dare Prepositional Contractions The Numbers 1,000+ Telling Time Chapter 8: Expressing Dates The Present Indicative of -ire Verbs The Verb Capire The Verbs Andare, Uscire, and Venire Ordinal Numbers Demonstratives Expressing Dates Italian Holidays Chapter 9: Talking About the Weather The Present Progressive Tense The Verbs Potere, Volere, and Dovere Possessives Talking About the Weather Italian Cities Chapter 10: Giving Commands The Imperative Tense The Negative Imperative The Verbs Sapere and Conoscere Partitives Talking About Addresses TEST AFTER PART II PART III Chapter 11: Using Reflexive Verbs Reflexive Verbs Imperative Forms of Reflexive Verbs Reciprocal Forms of Verbs Fractions and Other Numerical Expressions Clothing Chapter 12: Using the Present Perfect Tense The Present Perfect Tense with Avere The Present Perfect Tense with Essere Irregular Past Participles More About the Definite Article Chapter 13: Using the Imperfect Tense The Imperfect Tense Irregular Verbs in the Imperfect Tense The Progressive Form of the Imperfect More About Demonstratives and Possessives Chapter 14: Using the Pluperfect and Past Absolute Tenses The Pluperfect Tense The Past Absolute Tense Irregular Verbs in the Past Absolute Tense Transportation Chapter 15: Talking About the Human Body More About Masculine vs. Feminine Nouns Gender of Nouns of Greek Origin Position of Adjectives Form-Changing Adjectives The Human Body TEST AFTER PART III PART IV Chapter 16: Talking About the Future The Future Tense Irregular Forms in the Future Tense The Future Perfect Tense Talking About Sports Chapter 17: Using the Conditional Tense The Conditional Tense Irregular Forms in the Conditional Tense The Past Conditional Tense Using Negatives The Italian People Chapter 18: Using Object Pronouns Object Pronouns Object Pronouns with Past Participles More About Adjectives Adverbs Computers and the Internet Chapter 19: Using Double and Attached Object Pronouns Double Object Pronouns Attached Object Pronouns Stressed Pronouns More About the Verb Piacere Chapter 20: Making Comparisons More About Pronouns Adjectives of Comparison Adverbs of Comparison Relative Pronouns Italian Coffee TEST AFTER PART IV YOUR FINAL EXAM Answer Key English-Italian Glossary Italian-English Glossary

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