Table of contents for The Oxford handbook of political institutions / edited by R.A.W. Rhodes, Sarah A. Binder and Bert A. Rockman.

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Part I. Approaches

1. Normative Institutionalism, James March and Johan P. Olsen

2. Rational Choice Institutionalism, Ken Shepsle

3. Historical Institutionalism, Elizabeth Sanders

4. Constructivist Institutionalism, Colin Hay

5. Network Institutionalism, Chris Ansell

6. Old Institutionalism, R. A. W. Rhodes

Part II. Institutions

7. State and State-Building, Bob Jessop

8. Development of Civil Society, Jose Harris

9. Economic Institutions, Michael Moran

10. The Institutions of Social Inclusion and Exclusion, Mathew Holden

11. Constitutions, Peter Shane

12. Constitutions (Comparative), Josep Colomer

13. American Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations, Alberta Sbragia

Under the general editorship of Robert E. Goodin, a large group of intellectually attractive authors has charted the entire field of political science in an unbiased multi-paradigmatic way. Minerva's owl would make a nice logo for this monumental collective work of the Oxford Handbooks: what moves
us forward is looking back at what we know.

14. Comparative Federalism, Brian Galligan

15. Territorial Institutions, Jean Claude Thoening

16. Executives - the American presidency, William Howell

17. Executives in Parliamentary Systems, R. A. W. Rhodes

18. Comparative Executive-Legislative Relations, Mathew Shugart

19. Public Bureaucracies, Don Kettl

20. Welfare State, Jacob Hacker

21. The Regulatory State?, John Braithwaite

22. Legislative Organization, John Carey

23. Legislative Behavior, Ric Uslaner and Thomas Zittel

24. Bicameralism, John Uhr

25. Comparative Local Governance, Gerry Stoker

26. Judicial Institutions, Jim Gibson

27. Judicial Processes, Kevin McGuire

28. Political Parties, John Aldrich

29. Electoral Systems, Shaun Bowler

30. Institutions of direct democracy, Ian Budge

31. International Political Institutions, Richard Higgott

32. International Security Institutions, John Duffield

33. International Economic Institutions, Lisa Martin

34. International NGOs, Ann Florini

Part III. Past and Present

35. Encounters with Modernity, Samuel H. Beer

36. About Institutions, Mainly, But Not Exclusively, Political, Jean Blondel

37. Thinking Institutionally, Hugh Heclo

38. Political Institutions - Old and New, Klaus Von Beyme

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Public institutions.
Comparative government.
Political science.
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