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Chapter 1: The Matlab Environment Overview of the user interface Command & Workspace window Creating and saving files Creating variables Entering and editing data Paths and directories; M files Chapter 2: Matrices The Array Editor Window Systems of Equations Creating a matrix Referencing Matrix elements Basic Matrix operations; Submatrices Matrix functions; Matrix operators Singular matrices and inversion Factorization of matrices Chapter 3: 2D Graphics Creating a basic plot Setting up a plot; Planar plots Graphing functions; Parametric curves Chapter 4: 3D Graphics Basic 3D plotting; Surface graphics Curves in 3D; Mesh plots Parametric surfaces Shading and coloring Chapter 5: Programming in Matlab Matlab and C; If statements While Statements; For Loops Switch statements; Error handling Chapter 6: Symbolic Mathematics Entering an algebraic equation Solving an algebraic equation Plotting a solution Transcendental Functions Working with Trig functions Hyperbolic functions; Complex numbers Chapter 7: Derivatives & Differential Equations Symbolic computation of derivatives Entering and solving a differential equation Solving first order ODE's Solving second order ODE's Working with Laplace transforms Partial differential equations and Matlab Numerical solution of differential equations Chapter 8: Integration Entering an integral in Matlab Basic integrals of polynomial & rational functions; Double and triple integrals Integrals spherical/cylindrical coordinates Chapter 9: More on Transforms Fourier Transforms Discrete Fourier Transforms Z-Transforms Chapter 10: Vector calculus Entering vectors; Computing dot products Cross products; Vector calculus operations Chapter 11: Working w Special Functions Gamma Functions; Euler’s Beta Function Hermite &Laguerre Polynomials Legendre Polynomials; Bessel Functions Riemann Zeta Function The Spherical Harmonics Chapter 12 : Probability and Statistics with Matlab Common probability distributions Sampling and parameter estimation Random variables Monte Carlo methods Probability Densities

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