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Verbal Penetration

by Ghetto Girl Blue

Let us pray.

Let us ask

the Mother Goddess

to guide our fingers as they caress

our hearts,

as we open

our bodies,

as they receive one another.

Let us ask the God's for trust, worthiness of it

and understanding one to another.

And where there is danger,

let us look together into the night

that hosts our ancestors

begging them for guidance away from it.

Let us wash our bodies.

Let us stand naked in the light

before one another and praise

nature's most divine art.

Let there be no fear between us.

Let there be good loving

that is as warm and as safe as

the womb which is our center.

Let our bodies be great vessels

feeding positive energy into the world

as we fuck.

Let us talk about sex.

Let us fuck while we do it.

Let us strap on the armor

suited for modern times,

squeeze ourselves into

the thin line

between lust and love

and jack them off.

Just to keep it hot,

we will extend an open invitation to





Let us be on one accord as we

enter through the gates of the

Sexual Revolution

so that our enemies will find only

solidarity amongst our ranks.

We will ask Poetry to have that

smooth brother, "Music"

To pace this erotic escapade...

with bass deep enough

to skinny dip in.

Let us lick.

Let us bite.

Let us

cuss and cum together

Let us

let our hair down

and sweat.

We will laugh like children

as we play with our toys.

Let us mentally masturbate.

Let us mentally masturbate.

May we know no fear

as we take this erotic journey

through the darkest valleys

and highest peaks of

Verbal Penetration.


Just when you thought

it was safe

to stop coming...

Let us begin again.

Let us fuck.

copyright © 2007 by Jessica Holter

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