Table of contents for Minds, machines, and the multiverse : the quest for the quantum computer / Julian Brown.

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Foreword by David Deutsch

1. Late-Night Quantum Thoughts
Life in Other Universes
The Quantum AI Experiment
Exploring Hilbert Space
The End of Mooreıs Law?
From Bill Gates to Quantum Gates
The Hunter-Gatherers Take a Quantum Leap

2. God, the Universe, and the Reversible Computer
The Computer That Just Coasts
Shannonıs Information Theory
The Puzzle of Maxwellıs Demon
Much Ado About kT
Landauerıs Principle
The Reversible Computer
Reversibility and the Laws of Physics
Is the Universe a Computer?
The Fredkin Gate
The Billiard Ball Computer
The God Game
Low-Energy Computing

3. The Logic of the Quantum Conspiracy
Feynmanıs U-Turn
Journey Into the Quantum Realm
Strange Correlations
The EPR Puzzle
Designer Hamiltonians
A Matter of Interpretation
The Case for Many Universes
The Universal Quantum Computer
The Turing Principle

4. Quantum Parallelism
The New Paradigm
The Meaning of Superposition
Counting on the Qubits
The Square Root of NOT
Rotations in Quantum Space
Controlled-NOT and the Toffoli Gate
Playing the Markets with a Quantum Computer
Turbocharged Algorithms
Tractability vs. Intractability
The Traveling Salesman Problem
Does P Equal NP?
Consulting the Oracle

5. Code Breaking and the Shor Algorithm
The Problem of Factorization
Secret Codes
Public-Key Cryptography
How Diffie-Hellman Works
The RSA Alogrithm
How RSA Works
Cryptography and the Real World
The Challenge of RSA-129
Factoring by E-Mail
Factorization Takes a Quantum Leap
Heat, Sound, and Fourier Series
Light, Music, and Fourier Transforms
The Quantum FFT

6. Privacy Lost, Privacy Regained
Messages from Across the Quantum Channel
All About Eve
Dial Q for Qubits
Quantum Clones and Counterfeit Coins
How to Send a Quantum Valentine
The Rise and Fall of Quantum Bit Commitment
Cryptography by Entanglement
Quantum Compression
Beam Me Up, Atom by Atom

7. How to Build a Quantum Computer
Going Universal
Two-Bit Processors
The Polymer Machine
The Trouble with Decoherence
Trapping the Atom
Flying Qubits
The Doctors of Spin
How Useful Is NMR Quantum Computation?
Connecting the Quantum Dots
Runners in the Quantum Race

8. Quantum Error Correction and Other Algorithms
Processing in the Dark
Democracy Among the Qubits
Three-Bit Quantum Error Correction
How Does Quantum Error Correction Scale?
Crossing the Error Threshold
Creating the GHZ State
Take a Ride on the Universal Quantum Simulator
Searching a Quantum Phone Directory
Amadeus and the Quantum Complexity Puzzle
The Shape of Quantum Circuits to Come

9. Visions of the Quantum Age
A Quantum Computing Road Map
Nanotechnology and the Singularity
DNA Computing
Clones, Consciousness, and the Indivisible Soul
Quantum Gravity and the Measurement Problem
Is the Brain a Quantum Computer?
Why Is the Universe Comprehensible?
Trading Histories for Universes
Are Decoherent Histories the Answer?
The Quantum Universe and the Omega Point

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