Table of contents for American ethnicity : the dynamics and consequences of discrimination / Adalberto Aguirre, Jr. and Jonathan H. Turner.

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Preface Chapter 1. Ethnicity and Ethnic Relations Race and Ethnicity Ethnic Groups Minority Groups Ethnic Discrimination Ethnic Stratification
Types of Discrimination
The Institutionalization of Discrimination Ethnic Prejudice Adaptations to Prejudice and Discrimination
Passive Acceptance
Marginal Participation
Withdrawal and Self-Segregation
Rebellion and Revolt
Organized Protest
Ethnogenesis Summary Points of Debate Key Terms Chapter 2. Explaining Ethnic Relations Theories of Ethnic Relations
Assimilation Theories
Pluralism Theories
Biological Theories
Human Ecology Theories
Power and Stratification Theories A Unified Theory of Ethnic Relations Summary Points of Debate Key Terms Chapter 3. The Anglo-Saxon Core and Ethnic Antagonism Early Colonization of America
The Anglo-Saxons
The Early Colonists The Cultural and Institutional Legacy of Early Colonization
The Core Culture
The Core Institutional Structures Anglo-Saxon Hegemony and the Dynamics of Ethnicity
The Domination of the Anglo-Saxon Cure
The Anglo-Saxon Core and the Dynamics of Discrimination Summary Points of Debate Key Terms Chapter 4. White Ethnic Americans Resource Shares of White Ethnic Groups Irish Americans
Identifiability of Irish Americans
Negative Beliefs about Irish Americans
The Dynamics of Discriminatin against Irish Americans
The Stratification of Irish Americans Italian Americans
Identifiablity of Italian Americans
Negative Beliefs about Italian Americans
Stratification of Italian Americans Jewish Americans
Identifiablity of Jewish Americans
Negative Beliefs about Jewish Americans
The Dynamics of Discrimination against Jewish Amerians
The Stratification of Jewish Americans Summary Points of Debate Key Terms Chapter 5. African Americans Resource Shares of African Americans
The Impoverishment of African Americans
The Income of African Americans
The Occupation Distribution of African Americans
Educational Attainment of African Americans
Housing of African Americans
Life Span of African Americans The Dynamics of Discrimination against African Americans
Identifiability of African Americans
Negative Beliefs of African Americans
Institutionalized Discrimination against African Americans Stratification of African Americans
Affluent and Poor African Americans: The Widening Gap
The African American Underclass: Myth or Reality?
Threats and Hostility toward African Americans Responding to Discrimination
Protest during Slavery
Protest after Slavery
The Last Fifty Years Summary Points of Debate Key Terms/Key Legislation Chapter 6. Native Americans On the Verge of Extinction Resource Shares of Native Americans
Income of Native Americans
Occupational Distribution of Native Americans
Educational Attainment of Native Americans
Life Span of Native Americans
Housing of Native Americans
Poverty of Native Americans The Dynamics of Discrimination against Native Americans
Identifiablity of Native Americans
Negative Beliefs about Native Americans
Institutionalized Discrimination against Native Americans Stratification of Native Americans Responding to Discrimination
War as a Nonviable Response
Retreatism as Another Nonviable Response
The Economic Battle Summary Points of Debate Key Terms/Key Legislation Chapter 7. Latinos Resource Shares of Latinos
Poverty Levels of Latinos
Income of Latinos
Occupational Distribution of Latinos
Educational Attainment of Latinos
Life Span of Latinos
Housing of Latinos Mexican Americans
Identifiability of Chicanos
The History of Mexican Americans: Conquest,Displacement, and Exploitation
Negative Beliefs about Chicanos
The Dynamics of Discrimination against Mexican Americans
Stratification of the Mexican-Origin Population Puerto Ricans
Identifiability of Puerto Ricans
Negative Beliefs about Puerto Ricans
The Dynamics of Discrimination against Puerto Ricans
Stratification of Puerto Ricans Cuban Americans
Negative Beliefs about Cuban Americans
The Dynamics of Discrimination against Cuban Americans
Stratification of Cuban Americans Summary Points of Debate Key Terms/Key Legislations Chapter 8. Asian and Pacific Island Americans Asian Americans Resource Shares of Asian Americans
Incomes of Asian Americans
Occupational Distribution of Asian Americans
Educational Attainment of Asian Americans
Housing of Asian Americans
Life Span of Asian Americans The Dynamics of Discrimination against Asian Americans
Identifiability of Asian Americans
Negative Beliefs About Asian Americans
Institutionalized Discrimination Against Asian Americans Stratification of Asian Americans Responding to Discrimination The Precarious Situation for Asian Americans Pacific Islanders: A Short Exploratory Note
Resource Shares of Pacific Islanders
Identifiability of Pacific Islanders
Negative Beliefs About Pacific Islanders
Institutionalized Discrimination Against Pacific Islanders
Stratification of Pacific Islanders Summary Points of Debate Key Terms/Key Legislation Chapter 9. Arab Americans Who Are Arab Americans?
A Profile of Arab Americans
A Short History of Arab American Immigration Resource Shares of Arab Americans
Incomes of Arab Americans
Poverty Among Arab Americans
Labor Force Participation Among Arab Americans
Educational Attainment of Arab Americans The Dynamics of Discrimination Against Arab Americans
Identifiability of Arab Americans
Negative Beliefs About Arab Americans
Institutionalized Discrimination Against Arab Americans Responding to Discrimination: Ethnogenesis Summary Points of Debate Key Terms Chapter 10. The Future of Ethnicity in America The New Immigrants
Countries of Origin
Consequences of the New Immigration Patterns
Reasons for the Shift in Immigration Patterns
Settlement Patterns of the New Immigrants
Other Characteristics of the New Immigrants The Immigration Dilemma The Future Dynamic of Discrimination
Latinos and the American Future
Asian Americans in the Future
African Americans in the Future New Patterns of Ethnic Mixing The Problematic Nature of a Multicultural America Conclusion: The Struggle for Social Justice in Twenty-First Century U.S. Society Summary Points of Debate Key Terms/Key Legislation Glossary References Photo Credits Index

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