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Chapter 1. An Introduction to Terrorism
Chapter Introduction
Historical Perspectives of Terrorism
Exploring Definitions, Sources, and Ideologies
The Morality of Terrorist Violence: Four Quotations
Terrorism and Criminal Skill: Three Cases
Terrorist Symbolism: Oklahoma City and September 11, 2001
Case in Point: The Assassins
Chapter Summary
Chapter 2. The Nature of the Beast - Defining Terrorism
Chapter Introduction
Reactionaries and Radicals: Revisiting the Classical Ideological Continuum
Understanding Extremism - The Foundation of Terrorism
Defining Terrorism
A Definitional Problem: Perspectives of Terrorism
The Political Violence Matrix
Case in Point: Are "Hate Crimes" Acts of Terrorism?
Chapter Summary
Chapter 3 Beginnings - The Causes of Terrorism
Chapter Introduction
Motives of Terrorists
Explanations of Terrorism
Case in Point: Profiles of Terrorists
Chapter Summary
Chapter 4 Terror From Above - State Terrorism
Chapter Introduction
Monitoring State Terrorism
A State Terrorism Paradigm
State Terrorism as Foreign Policy
State Terrorism as Domestic Policy
Case in Point: Latin American State Terrorism as Domestic Policy and North African/Middle Eastern State Terrorism as Foreign Policy
Chapter Summary
Chapter 5. Terror from Below - Dissident Terrorism
Chapter Introduction
A Dissident Terrorism Paradigm
Operational Shifts - The New Morality and the Rise of Terrorist Cells
Anti-State Dissident Terrorism
Communal Terrorism
Case in Point: The Tupamaros
Chapter Summary
Chapter 6. Class Struggle and National Liberation - The Terrorist Left
Chapter Introduction
Left-Wing Ideology and Activism
Leftist Terrorism
The Future of the Violent Left
Case in Point: Supportive Environments on the Left - 1968 Paris
Chapter Summary
Chapter 7. Race and Order - The Terrorist Right
Chapter Introduction
Right-Wing Ideology and Activism
Common Themes on the Right
Rightist Terrorism
The Future of the Violent Right
Case in Point: Supportive Environments on the Right - Racist Skinheads
Chapter Summary
Chapter 8. For the Faith and Profit - Religious and Criminal Terrorism
Chapter Introduction
Religious Terrorism
Criminal Terrorism
Case in Point: The Beka'a Valley
Chapter Summary
Chapter 9. Terrorist Spillovers - International Terrorism
Chapter Introduction
Defining International Terrorism
Reasons for International Terrorism
International Terrorist Networks
Postscript: The "Stateless Revolutionaries"
Case in Point: Cooperation Between Terrorists: An Overview of the European Connection
Chapter Summary
Chapter 10. Tools of the Trade - Tactics and Targets of Terrorists
Chapter Introduction
Terrorist Objectives
Terrorist Methods
Terrorist Targets
The Outcome - Is Terrorism Effective?
Case in Point: The Engineer
Chapter Summary
Chapter 11. The Role of the Media
Chapter Introduction
An Introduction to the Role of the Media
A New Battleground: The War for the Information High Ground
The Public's Right to Know: Regulating the Media
Case in Point: Media-Oriented Terror and Lebanon's Hezbollah
Chapter Summary
Chapter 12. Terrorism in the United States
Chapter Introduction
Background to Political Violence on the Left and Right
Left-Wing Terrorism in the United States
Right-Wing Terrorism in the United States
The New Millennium and International Terrorism in the United States
Case in Point: Lynching - Vigilante Communal Terrorism in the United States
Chapter Summary
Chapter 13. Responding to Terror - The Options
Chapter Introduction
Counter-Terrorism and the Use of Force
Operations Other than War - Repressive Options
Operations Other than War - Conciliatory Options
Legalistic Responses
Case in Point: Hostage Rescues
Chapter Summary
Chapter 14. What Next? - The Future of Terrorism
Chapter Introduction
The Future of Terrorism
Controlling Terrorism
Prospects for Terrorism in the United States
Case in Point: The Technology of Surveillance
Chapter Summary
U.S. Department of State Terrorism Tables
Summary of Historical Examples
Recommended Internet Sites and Web Exercises
Documentaries and Dramatic Films
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