Sample text for Peer harassment in school : the plight of the vulnerable and victimized / Jaana Juvonen, Sandra Graham, editors.

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Contents Introduction Peer Harassment: A Critical Analysis and Some Important Issues, Dan Olweus I. Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Peer Harassment 1. Variations in Peer Victimization: Relations to Children's Maladjustment, Becky Kochenderfer Ladd and Gary W. Ladd 2. An Attributional Approach to Peer Victimization, Sandra Graham and Jaana Juvonen 3. Determinants of Chronic Victimization by Peers: A Review and New Model of Family Influence, David G. Perry, Ernest V. E. Hodges, and Susan K. Egan 4. Self-Views versus Peer Perceptions of Victim Status among Early Adolescents, Jaana Juvonen, Adrienne Nishina, and Sandra Graham 5. Sampling Instances of Victimization in Middle School: A Methodological Comparison, Anthony D. Pellegrini II. Subtypes and Age-Related Changes in Peer Harassment 6. The Aggressive Victim of Bullying: Emotional and Behavioral Dysregulation as a Pathway to Victimization by Peers, David Schwartz, Laura J. Proctor, and Deborah H. Chien 7. Early Diagnosis and Prevention of Victimization in Kindergarten, Francoise D. Alsaker and Stefan Valkanover 8. Relational Victimization in Childhood and Adolescence: I Hurt You through the Grapevine, Nicki R. Crick, David A. Nelson, Julie R Morales, Crystal Cullerton-Sen, Juan F. Casas, and Susan Hickman 9. Victimization among Teenage Girls: What Can Be Done about Indirect Harassment?, Laurence Owens, Phillip Slee, and Rosalyn Shute 10. Developmental Context of Peer Harassment in Early Adolescence: The Role of Puberty and the Peer Group, Wendy M. Craig, Debra Pepler, Jennifer Connolly, and Kathryn Henderson III. Correlates and Consequences of Peer Harassment 11. Toward a Process View of Peer Rejection and Harassment, Michel Boivin, Shelley Hymel, and Ernest V. E. Hodges 12. Rejection and Victimization by Peers: Social Perception and Social Behavior Mechanisms, Beate Schuster 13. Health Consequences of Bullying and Its Prevention in Schools, Ken Rigby 14. Characteristics of Victims of School Bullying: Developmental Changes in Coping Strategies and Skills, Peter K. Smith, Shu Shu, and Kirsten Madsen IV. Beyond the Bully/Victim Dyad 15. Groups, Individuals, and Victimization: A View of the Peer System, William M. Bukowski and Lorrie K. Sippola 16. Subtypes of Peer Harassment and Their Correlates: A Social Dominance Perspective, David S. J. Hawker and Michael J. Boulton 17. Group View on Victimization: Empirical Findings and Their Implications, Christina Salmivalli

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Conflict management -- Study and teaching.
Harassment in schools.
School discipline.
Bullying in schools.
Aggressiveness in children.