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1. Carbon and Alloy Steels (Bruce L. Bramfitt)
2. Stainless Steel (James Kelly)
3. Aluminum Alloys (J.G. Kaufman)
4. Copper and Copper Alloys (Konrad J.A. Kundig)
5. Selection of Titanium Alloys for Design (Matthew Donachie)
6. Nickel and Its Alloys (T.H. Bassford, Jim Hosier and Gaylord Smith)
7. Magnesium and Its Alloys (Robert S. Busk and Robert E. Brown)
8. Selection of Superalloys for Design (Matthew J, Donachie and Stephen J. Donachie)
9. Plastics: Thermoplastics, Thermosets, and Elastomers (Edward N. Peters)
10. Composite Materials (Carl Zweben)
11. Smart Materials (James Harvey)
12. Overview of Ceramic Materials, Design, and Applications (R. Nathan Katz)
13. Sources of Materials Data (J.G. Kaufman)
14. Analytical Methods of Materials Selection (Dr. Mahmoud M. Farag)
15. Stress Analysis (Franklin E. Fisher)
16. An Introduction to the Finite Element Method (Tarek I. Zohdi)
17. Concurrent Engineering Technologies and Design for Six Sigma (James McMunigal and H. Barry Bebb)
18. TRIZ (James McMunigal)
19. Computer-Aided Design (Emory Zimmers, Jr.)
20. STEP (Martin Hardwick)
21. Virtual Reality-A New Technology for the Engineer (Ming C. Leu)
22. Physical Ergonomics (Maury A. Nussbaum and Jaap van Dieen)
23. Electronic Packaging (Warren C. Fackler)
24. Design Optimization-An Overview (A. Ravindran and G.V. Reklaitis)
25. Designing with Plastics (James Harvey)
26. Failure Considerations-Metals (Steve Daniewicz and Jack A. Collins)
27. Failure Analysis of Plastics (Vishu Shah)
28. Failure Modes: Performance and Service Requirements for Composites (Dietrich Munz)
29. Mechanical Reliability and Life Prediction for Brittle Materials (G.S. White, E.R. Fuller, Jr., and S.W. Freiman)
30. Total Quality Management in Mechanical Design (B.S. Dhillon)
31. Reliability in Mechanical Design (B.S. Dhillon)
32. Lubrication of Machine Elements (Bernard J. Hamrock)
33. Seal Technology (Bruce M. Steinetz)
34. Vibrations and Shock (Singiresu S. Rao)
35. Noise Measurements and Control (George M. Diehl)
36. Nondestructive Testing (Robert L. Crane and Jeremy Knopp)
1. Instrument Statics (Sriram Sundararajan, Jerry Lee Hall and_ _Mahmood Naim)
2. Input and Output Characteristics (Adam C. Bell)
3. Bridge Transducers (Patrick L. Walter)
4. Measurements (E.L. Hixson and E. A. Ripperger)
5. Temperature and Flow Transducers (Robert J. Moffat)
6. Signal Processing (John Turnbull)
7. Data Acquisition and Display Systems (Philip C. Milliman)
8. Digital Integrated Circuits: A Practical Application (Todd Rhoad and Keith Folken)
9. Systems Engineering: Analysis, Design, and Information Processing for Analysis and Design (Andrew P. Sage)
10. Mathematical Models of Dynamic Physical Systems (K. Preston White, Jr.)
11. Basic Control Systems Design (William J. Palm)
12. Closed-Loop Control Systems Analysis (Suhada Jayasuriya)
13. Control System Performance Modification (Suhada Jayasuriya)
14. Servoactuators for Closed-Loop Control (Karl N. Reid and Syed Hamid)
15. Controller Design (T. Peter Neal)
16. General Purpose Control Devices (James H. Christensen, Robert J. Kretschmann and Muneshige Yamazaki)
17. State-Space Methods for Dynamic Systems Analysis (Krishnaswamy Srinivasan)
18. Control System Design Using State-Space Methods (Krishnaswamy Srinivasan)
19. Neural Networks in Control Systems (Frank Lewis and Shuzhi Sam Ge)
20. Mechatronics (Shane Farritor)
21. MEMS (Mona E. Zaghloul)
1. Product Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFM&A) (Gordon Lewis)
2. Achieving Enterprise Goals with New Process Technology(Steve W. Tuszynski)
3. Classification Systems (Dell K. Allen)
4. Production Planning (Bhaba R. Sarker, Dennis B. Webster and Thomas G. Ray)
5. Production Processes and Equipment (Magd E. Zohdi, Dennis B. Webster and William E. Biles)
6. Metal Forming, Shaping, and Casting (Magd E. Zohdi, Dennis B. Webster and William E. Biles)
7. Mechanical Fasteners (Murray J. Roblin and Anthony Luscher)
8. Statistical Quality Control (Magd E. Zohdi)
9. Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (William E. Biles and Magd E. Zohdi)
10. Material Handling (William E. Biles, Mickey Wilhelm, John S. Usher and Magd E. Zohdi)
11. Surface Coating Technology (Suzanne L. Rohde and Allan Matthews)
12. Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing (I. S. Jawahir and X. Wang)
13. Managing Projects in Engineering Organizations Using Inter-organizational Teams (Karen L. Higgins and Joseph A. Maciariello)
14. Managing People (Hans J. Thamhain)
15. Finance and the Engineering Function (William Brett)
16. Detailed Cost Estimating (Rod Stewart)
17. Investment Analysis (Byron W. Jones)
18. Total Quality Management and the Mechanical Engineer (R. Alan Kemerling and Jack B. ReVelle)
19. Registrations, Certifications, and Awards Jack B. ReVelle (Cynthia M. Sabelhaus)
20. Safety Engineering (Jack B. ReVelle)
21. What the Law Requires of the Engineer (Alvin S. Weinstein and Martin S. Chizek)
22. Patents (David A. Burge and Benjamin D. Burge)
23. Electronic Information Resources: Your Online Survival Guide (Robert N. Schwarzwalder, Jr.)
24. Sources of Mechanical Engineering Information (Fritz Dusold and Myer Kutz)
1. Thermophysical Properties of Fluids (Peter E. Liley)
2. Fluid Mechanics (Reuben M. Olson)
3. Thermodynamics Fundamentals (Adrian Bejan)
4. Exergy Analysis and Entropy Generation Minimization (Adrian Bejan)
5. Heat Transfer Fundamentals (G.P. "Bud" Peterson)
6. Combustion (Eric Eddings)
7. Furnaces (Carroll Cone)
8. Gaseous Fuels (Richard J. Reed)
9. Liquid Fossil Fuels from Petroleum (Richard J. Reed)
10. Coals, Lignite, Peat (James Keppeler)
11. Solar Energy Applications (Jan F. Kreider)
12. Geothermal Resources and Technology: An Introduction (Peter D. Blair)
13. Energy Auditing (Carl Blumstein and Peter Kuhn)
14. Heat Exchangers, Vaporizers, Condensers (Joseph W. Palen)
15. Heat Pipes (Hongbin Ma)
16. Air Heating (Richard J. Reed)
17. Cooling Electronic Equipment (Allan Kraus, Avram Bar-Cohen and Abhay Watwe)
18. Fans, Blowers, Compressors, and Pumps (Keith Marchildon and Dave Mody)
19. Nuclear Power (William Kerr and William Updegrove)
20. Gas Turbines (Harold Miller and Todd Nemec)
21. Wind Turbines (Todd Nemec)
22. Steam Turbines (William G. Steltz)
23. Internal Combustion Engines (Ronald Douglas Matthews)
24. Refrigeration (Dennis L. O'Neal)
25. Cryogenic Systems (Leonard A. Wenzel)
26. Indoor Environmental Control (Jelena Srebric)
27. Air Pollution-Control Technologies (C.A. Miller)
28. Water Pollution-Control Technology (Carl A. Brunner and James F. Kreissl)
29. Fuel Cells (Matthew M. Mench)
30. Thermal Systems Optimization (Reinhard Radermacher)
31. Fluid Power (Andrew Alleyne)

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