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Herbicide Metabolites in Surface Water and Groundwater: Introduction and Overview, E.M. Thurman and M.T. Meyer

Coordinating Supercritical Fluid and Solid-Phase Extraction with Chromatographic and Immunoassay Analysis of Herbicides, M.J.M. Wells and G.K. Stearman

A High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Based Screening Method for the Analysis of Atrazine, Alachlor, and Ten of Their Transformation Products, B.R. Schroyer and P.D. Capel

Factors Influencing the Specificity and Sensitivity of Triazine Immunoassays, T.S. Lawruk, C.S. Hottenstein, J.R. Fleeker, F.M. Rubio, and D.P. Herzog

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Application of In Vivo Fluorometry To Determine Soil Mobility and Soil Adsorptivity of Photosynthesis-Inhibiting Herbicides, D. Yanase, M. Chiba, K. Yagi, M. Kawata, and Y. Takagi

Interactions Between Atrazine and Smectite Surfaces, D.A. Laird

Estimation of the Potential for Atrazine Transport in a Silt Loam Soil, D.A.V. Eckhardt and R.J. Wagenet

The Effect of Ammonia on Atrazine Sorption and Transport, S.A. Clay, D.E. Clay, Z. Liu, and S.S. Harper

Fate of Symmetric and an Asymmetric Triazine Herbicide in Silt Loam Soils, W.C. Koskinen, J.S. Conn, and B. A. Sorenson

Fate of Atrazine and Atrazine Degradates in Soils of Iowa, E.L. Kruger and J.R. Coats

Transport of Nutrients and Postemergence-Applied Herbicides in Runoff from Corrugation Irrigation of Wheat, A.J. Cessna, J.A. Elliott, K.B. Best, R. Grover, and W. Nicholaichuk

Potential Movement of Certain Pesticides Following Application to Golf Courses, A.E. Smith and D.C. Bridges

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The Environmental Impact of Pesticides Degradates in Groundwater, M.R. Barrett

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Assessment of Herbicide Transport and Persistence in Groundwater: A Review, S.K. Widmer and R.F. Spalding

Cyanazine, Atrazine, and Their Metabolites as Geochemical Indicators of Contaminant Transport in the Mississippi River, M.T. Meyer, E.M. Thurman, and D.A. Goolsby

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Herbicides -- Environmental aspects.
Metabolites -- Environmental aspects.
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