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Introduction, Phyllis Dolhinow


1. A Brief History of Primate Field Studies, Robert W. Sussman

2. Primate Evolution, Walter Hartwig


3. The Lorisiform Primates of Asia and Mainland Africa: Diversity Shrouded in Darkness, Anna Nekaris and Simon K. Bearder

4. Lemuriformes, Lisa Gould and Michelle Sauther

5. Tarsiiformes, Sharon Gursky

6. Callitrichines: The Role of Competition in Cooperatively Breeding Species, Leslie J. Digby, Stephen F. Ferrari, and Wendy Saltzman

7. The Cebines: Toward an Explanation of Variable Social Structure, Katharine M. Jack

8. Sakis, Uakaris, and Titi Monkeys: Behavioral Diversity in a Radiation of Primate Seed Predators, Marilyn A. Norconk

9. Aotinae: Social Monogamy in the Only Nocturnal Haplorhines, Eduardo Fernandez-Duque

10. The Atelines: Variation in Ecology, Behavior, and Social Organization, Anthony Di Fiore and Christina J. Campbell

11. The Asian Colobines: Diversity Among Leaf-Eating Monkeys, R. Craig Kirkpatrick

12. African Colobine Monkeys: Patterns of Between-Group Interaction, Peter J. Fashing

13. The Macaques: A Double-Layered Social Organization, Bernard Thierry

14. Baboons, Mandrills, and Mangabeys: Afro-Papionin Socioecology in a Phylogenetic Perspective, Clifford J. Jolly

15. The Guenons (Genus Cercopithecus) and Their Allies: Behavioral Ecology of Polyspecific Associations, Karin L. Enstam and Lynne A. Isbell

16. The Hylobatidae: Small Apes of Asia, Thad Q. Bartlett

17. Orangutans in Perspective: Forced Copulations and Female Mating Resistance, Cheryl D. Knott and Sonya M. Kahlenberg

18. Gorillas: Diversity in Ecology and Behavior, Martha M. Robbins

19. Chimpanzees and Bonobos: Diversity Within and Between Species, Rebecca Stumpf


20. Research Questions, Elsworth Ray

21. Advances in the Understanding of Primate Reproductive Endocrinology, Bill L. Lasley and Anne Savage

22. Molecular Primatology, Anthony Di Fiore and Pascal Gagneux


23. Life History, Steven R. Leigh and Gregory Blomquist

24. Primate Growth and Development: A Functional and Evolutionary Approach, Debra Bolter and Adrienne Zihlman

25. Primate Sexuality and Reproduction, Christina J. Campbell

26. Reproductive Cessation in Female Primates: Comparisons of Japanese Macaques and Humans, Linda Marie Fedigan and Mary S.M. Pavelka

27. Mate Choice, Joseph H. Manson


28. The New Era of Primate Socioecology: Ecology and Intersexual Conflict, Deborah Overdorff and Joyce Parga

29. Primate Nutritional Ecology: Feeding Biology and Diet at Ecological and Evolutionary Scales, Joanna E. Lambert

30. Conservation, Karen B. Strier

31. Primate Seed Dispersal: Linking Behavioral Ecology with Forest Community Structure, Colin A. Chapman and Sabrina E. Russo

32. Predation on Primates: Past Studies, Current Challenges, and Directions for the Future, Lynne E. Miller and Adrian Treves

33. Primate Locomotor Behavior and Ecology, Paul A. Garber


34. Social Mechanisms in the Control of Primate Aggression, Irwin S. Bernstein

35. Social Beginnings: The Tapestry of Infant and Adult Interactions, Katherine C. MacKinnon

36. Postconflict Reconciliation, Kate Arnold and Filippo Aureli

37. Social Organization: Social Systems and the Complexities in Understanding the Evolution of Primate Behavior, Agust'in Fuentes

38. The Conundrum of Communication, Harold Gouzoules and Sarah Gouzoules

39. Cooperation and Competition in Primate Social Interactions, Robert W. Sussman and Paul A. Garber

40. Social Learning in Monkeys and Apes: Cultural Animals?, Christine A. Caldwell and Andrew Whiten

41. Tool Use and Cognition in Primates, Melissa Panger

42. Primate Self-Medication, Michael A. Huffman

43. Ethnoprimatology: Contextualizing Human and Nonhuman Primate Interactions, Linda D. Wolfe and Agust'in Fuentes

44. Where We Have Been, Where We Are, and Where We Are Going: The Future of Primatological Research, Christina J. Campbell, Agust'in Fuentes, Katherine C. MacKinnon, Melissa Panger, and Simon K. Bearder


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