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Part I: General Introduction to Medical and Veterinary Entomology

1. Introduction

2. Classification of Arthropoda and the Medical Importance of Groups of Minor Significance

3. Classification and Structure of the Diptera

4. Mouthparts of Insects of Meidcal and Veterinary Importance and Host Findings

5. Internal Structure and Function of Insects

6. Species Complexes, and Variation in Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus

Part II: Insects and Acarines of Medical and Veterinary Importance

7. Culicidae (Mosquitoes)

8. Ceratopogonidae (Biting Midges)

9. Psychodidae - Phlebotominae (Sandflies)

10. Simuliidae (Blackflies)

11. Tabanidae (Horseflies, Deer flies, Clegs)

12. Glossinidae (Tsetse flies)

13. Muscidae and Fanniidae (Houseflies, Stableflies)

14. Calliphoridae, Sarcophagidae (Blowflies) and Myiasis

15. Oestridae (Gad Flies, Warble FLies and Stomach Bots)

16. Hippoboscidae (Keds, Louse Flies)

17. Siphonaptera (Fleas)

18. Blood-sucking Hemiptera (Bugs)

19. Phthiraptera (Lice)

20. Acari - Astigmata and Oribatida (Mane Mites, Beetle Mites)

21. Acari - Prostigmata and Mesostigmata (Chiggers, Blood-sucking Mites)

22. Ixodida - Argasidae (Soft Ticks)

23. Ixodida - Ixodidae (Hard Ticks)

Part III: Diseases of which the Pathogens are Transmitted by Insects or Acarines

24. Arboviruses

25. Typhus and Other Rickettsial Diseases

26. Relapsing Fevers, Borrelioses, Plague and Tularaemia

27. Malaria (Plasmodium) and Other Haemosporina (Sporozoa)

28. Babesiosis and Theileriosis

29. Trypanosomiases and Leishmaniases

30. Lymphatic Filariasis (Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, B. timori)

31. Human Onchoceriassi (Onchocerca volvulus)

32. Other Helminths Transmitted by Insects


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Arthropod vectors.
Veterinary entomology.
Insects as carriers of disease.