Table of contents for Gondwana and Tethys / edited by M.G. Audley-Charles and A. Hallam.

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1. Introduction, M.G. Audley-Charles and A. Hallam

2. Gravity Glide and Plate Tectonics, N.J. Price, G.D. Price and S.L. Price

3. Lithospheric Stress, Deformation, and Tectonic Cycles: The Disruption of Pangaea and the Closure of Tethys, J.F. Dewey

4. Basement and Cover Rock History in Western Tethys, R. Hall

5. Holocene Serial Folding in the Zagros, C.D. Mann and C. Vita-Finzi

6. Gondwana and the Evolution of the Indian Ocean, D.H. Tarling

7. Evolution of the Southern Margin of Tethys from Early Permian to Late Cretaceous, M.G. Audley-Charles

8. Origin and Assembly of South-East Asia Continental Terranes, I. Metcalfe

9. Origin and Assembly of the Tethyside Orogenic Collage at the Expense of Gondwanaland, Sengor, Altiner, Cin, Ustaomer, Hsu

10. Lower Palaeozoic Facies and Faunas Around Gondwana, L. Cocks and R. Fortey

11. Fossil Plants as Indicators of Late Palaeozoic Plate Positions, W.G. Chaloner and G.T. Creber

12. The Nature, Extent and Subsequent Dispersal of the Permian Tethys, J.B. Waterhouse

13. Unexpected Microfaunal Communities Within the Triassic Tethys, E. Kristan-Tollman

14. Structure and Palaeogeography of the Western Tethys During the Jurassic, J. Thierry

15. Middle Jurassic Ammonite Biogeography Supports Ambi-Tethyan Origin of Tibet, G. Westermann

16. Mesozoic Turkey as Part of Europe, D.V. Ager

17. The Trans-Pacific Spread of Equatorial Shallow-Marine Benthos in the Cretaceous, P.W.Skelton

18. Gondwana, Tethys, and Terrestrial Vertebrates During the Mesozoic and Cainozoic, J-C Rage

19. Tectonics from Fossils? B.R. Rosen and A.B. Smith

20. Phytogeography of the Eastern End of Tethys, T.C. Whitmore

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