Table of contents for Reproductive energetics in mammals : the proceedings of a symposium held at the Zoological Society of London on 10th and 11th April 1986 / edited by A.S.I. Loudon and P.A. Racey.

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1. Introduction: A Historical Perspective, R.M. Laws

2. Basal Metabolic Rates and Energetics of Reproduction in Therian Mammals: Marsupials and Placentals Compared, M.E. Nicoll and Steven D. Thompson

3. The Reproduction of Marsupial and Eutherian Mammals in Relation to Energy Expeniture, Brian D. McNab

4. Comparative Growth and Lactation Energetics in Herbivores, John L. Gittleman and Olav T. Oftedal

5. Size of Bats at Birth and Maternal Investment During Pregnancy, Allen Kurta and Thomas H. Kunz

6. The Energy Costs of Pregnancy and Lactation in Heterothermic Bats, P.A. Racey and J.R. Speakman

7. The Reproductive Energetics of Lactation in a Seasonal Macropodid Marsupial: Comparison of Marsupial and Eutherian Herbivores, Andrew S.I. Loudon

8. Reproductive Energetics of two Tasmanian Rat-Kangaroos, R.W. Rose

9. Limits to Energy Budget and Tactics in Energy Investments During Reproduction in the Djungarian Hamster, January Weiner

10. The Effect of Litter and Maternal Size on Reproductive Performance of Grazing Ruminants, J.A. Milne

11. Body Composition and Energy Balance of Pregnant and Non-pregnant Svalbard Reindeer During Winter, J.C. Tyler

12. Energy Reserves in Breeding Small Rodents, John S. Millar

13. The Energetics of Reproduction and Life Histories of Cricetine Rodents, Polley Ann McClure

14. Energy Allocation for Reproduction in the Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel, G.J. Keragy

15. The Energetics of Human Reproduction, Andrew M. Prentice and Roger G. Whitehead

16. Cyclic Starvation as a Reproductive Strategy in the Polar Bear, P.D. Watts and S.E. Hansen

17. The Energetics of Sexual Success of Grey Seals and Comparison with the Costs of Reproduction in Other Pinnipeds, Sheila S. Anderson and Michael A. Fedak

18. The Relationship Between Body Fat, Food Resource and Reproductive Energy Costs in North Atlantic Fin Whales, Christina Lockyer

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