Table of contents for Foundations of tort law / [edited by] Saul Levmore.

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I. Torts and Bargains

The Problem of Social Cost, Ronald H. Coase

When Does the Rule of Liability Matter?, Harold Demsetz

Consumption Theory, Production Theory, and Ideology in the Case Theorem, Mark Kelman

II. The Role of Fault

Killing or Wounding to Protect a Property Interest, Richard Posner

Fairness and Utility in Tort Theory, George P. Fletcher

The Concept of Corrective Justice in Recent Theories of Tort Law, Richard Posner

The Rethinking Comparative Law: Variety and Uniformity in Ancient and Modern Tort Law, Saul Levmore

Tort Law and the Economy in Nineteenth-Century America: Reinterpretation, Gary Schwartz

Some Effects of Uncertainty on Compliance with Legal Standards, John E. Calfee and Richard Craswell

III. The Requirement of Causation

Remarks on Causation and Liability, Judith Jarvis Thomson

Property, Wrongfulness and the Duty to Compensate, Jules L. Coleman

Probabilistic Recoveries, Restitution, and Recurring Wrongs, Saul Levmore

Economic Loss In Tort, William Bishop

Women, Mothers, and the Law of Fright: A History, Martha Chamallas and Linda K. Kerber

IV. The Lawyer's Role

Untaken Precautions, Mark Grady

Opting for the British Rule, or If Posner and Shavell Can't Remember the Coase Theorem, Who Will?, John J. Donohue

A Market in Personal Injury Tort Claims, Marc Shukaitis

V. Liability Arising out of the Workplace

The Boundaries of Vicarious Liability: An Economic Analysis, Alan O. Sykes

Comment--The Creation of a Common-Law Rule: The Fellow Servant Rule, 1837-1860

Social Change and the Law of Industrial Accidents, Lawrence M. Friedman and Jack Ladinsky

VI. Omissions and Commissions

Waiting for Rescue: An Essay on the Evolution and Incentive Structure of the Law off Affirmative Obligations, Saul Levmore

Lawyer's Primer on Feminist Theory and Tort, Leslie Bender

The Case for a Duty to Rescue, Ernest J. Weinrib

VII. Tort Liability and Other Means of Social Control

Property Rules, Liability Rules, and Inalienability: One View of the Cathedral, Guido Calabresi and Douglas Melamed

A Critique of Economic and Sociological Theories of Social Control, Robert C. Ellickson

The Social Consequences of Common-Law Rules, Richard Epstein

VIII. Insurance, No-Fault, and Tort Reform

The Current Insurance Crisis and Modern Tort Law, George L. Priest

Incentive Issues in the Design of "No-Fault" Compenstion Systems, Michael Trebilcock

Proposals for Products Liability Reform: A Theoretical Synthesis, Alan Schwartz

Some Reflections on the Process of Tort Reform, Robert L. Rabin

In the Shadow of the Legislature: The Common Law in the Age of the New Public Law, Daniel Farber and Philip Frickey

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