Table of contents for Deactivation and testing of hydrocarbon-processing catalysts / Paul O'Connor, Toru Takatsuka, Geoffrey L. Woolery, [editors].

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Philosophical Overview of Testing, P. O'Connor, G.L. Woolery, and T. Takatsuka

Advantages, Possibilities, and Limitations of Small-Scale Testing of Catalysts for Fixed-Bed Processes, S.T. Sie

Evaluating Pore Structure and Morphology of Hydrocarbon-Conversion Catalysts, R. Mann, K. Khalaf, and A. Al-Lamy

Deactivation of Zeolite Catalysts by Coke, T. Masuda and K. Hashimoto

Modes of Coking and Deactivation of Acid Zeolite Catalysts, M. Guisnet, P. Magnoux, and K. Moljord

Catalyst Coking, Activation, and Deactivation, P.A. Sermon, M.S.W. Vong, and M. Matheson

NMR Techniques for Studying the Coking of Zeolite-Based Catalysts, J.L. Bonardet, M.C. Barrage, and J. Fraissard

Characterization of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst Coke by ]1]3C NMR and Mass Spectrometry, B.J. McGhee, J.M. Andresen, C.E. Snape, R. Hughes, C.L. Koon, and G. Hutchings

Catalyst Decay as a Side Reaction of the Chain Processes of Catalytic Cracking, B.W. Wojciechowski and N.M. Rice

Catalyst Deactivation in Fluid Catalytic Cracking: A Review of Mechanisms and Testing Methods, P. O'Connor, E. Brevoord, A.C. Pouwels, and H.N.J. Wijngaards

Sodium Deactivation of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst, X. Zhao and W.-C. Cheng

Contaminant-Metal Deactivation and Metal-Dehydrogenation Effects During Cyclic Propylene Steaming of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalysts, L.T. Boock, T.F. Petti, and J.A. Rudesill

Catalyst Deactivation in Adiabatic Prereforming: Experimental Methods and Models for Prediction of Performance, T.S. Christensen and J. Rostrup-Nielsen

Mechanism of Deactivation in Reforming Catalysts at Start of Run, Y. Liu, G. Pan, and J. Yang

Catalyst Deactivation in Commercial Residue Hydrodesulfurization, H. Koyama, E. Nagai, and H. Kumagai

Deactivation of Light Naphtha Aromatization Catalyst, S. Fukase, N. Igarashi, K. Aimoto, and K. Kato

Effect of Process Conditions and Catalyst Properties on Catalyst Deactivation in Residue Hydroprocessing, M. Absi-Halabi and A. Stanislaus

Catalyst Deactivation in Hydrodemetallization, J.P. Janssens, A.D. van Langeveld, S.T. Sie, and J.A. Moulijn

Activity and Coking Rate of Catalysts Deactivated by Fast-Coking Species Added to the Feed, D.B. Dadyburjor, Z. Liu, S. Matoba, S. Osanai, and T. Shirooka

Pilot Reactor Testing of the Effect of Naphtha Boiling Point in Catalytic Reforming, K. Moljord, K. Grande, I. Tanem, and A. Holmen

Vanadium Mobility in Fluid Catalytic Cracking, R.F. Wormsbecher, W.-C. Cheng, G. Kim, and R. H. Harding

Improved Methods for Testing and Assessing Deactivation from Vanadium Interaction with Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst, B. Lerner and M. Deeba

Riser Simulator: Testing of Adsorption Effects, J. Pruski, A. Pekediz, and H. de Lasa

Development of a Bench-Scale Fluid Catalytic Cracking Microriser, M.P. Helmsing, M. Makkee, and J.A. Moulijn

Evaluation of Coke Selectivity of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalysts, E. Brevoord, A.C. Pouwels, F.P.P. Olthof, H.N.J. Wijngaards, and P. O'Connor

Correlation of Catalyst Performance Between Laboratory Tests and Commercial Units for Hydrotreating Residual Oil, Y. Miyauchi, T. Hashiguchi, N. Kimbara, and K. Fujita

Life Testing of Light Hydrocarbon Aromatization Catalysts, K. Hirabayashi, F. Igarashi, and T. Kondou

Performance Testing of Hydroconversion Catalysts, W.H.J. Stork

Development of a Test Procedure To Evaluate Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst Regenerability, V.L.N. Murthy, S. Debnath, M. Rama Rao, S.K. Ray, A.K. Das, and S. Ghosh

A Catalyst Deactivation Model for Residual Oil Hydrodesulfurization and Application to Deep Hydrodesulfurization of Diesel Fuel, T. Takatsuka, Y. Wada, and S. Inoue

Modeling Catalytic Deactivation of Benzene Hydrogenation, P.F. Meier and M.M. Johnson

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