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1. Ants and Plants: A Diversity of Interaction, Camilla R. Huxley

PART I: Antagonistic Interactions - The Leaf-Cutter Ants

2. An Introduction to the Fungus-Growing Ants, Attini, D.J. Stradling

3. The Selection and Detoxification of Plant Material by Fungus-Growing Ants, R.J. Powell and D.J. Stradling

4. Resource Quality and Cost in the Foraging of Leaf-Cutter Ants, Jerome J. Howard

5. Leaf-Cutter Ant Assemblies: Effects of Latitude, Vegetation, and Behaviour, H.G. Fowler and Silvia Claver

PART II: Ant-Plant Interactions Involving Herbivorous Insects

6. Effects of Ants on Temperate Woodland Trees, J.B. Whittaker

7. The Interaction Between Red Wood Ants, Cinara Aphids, and Pines: A Ghost of Mutualism Past?

8. Conditional Interactions in Ant-Plant-Herbivore Mutualisms, J. Hall Cushman and John F. Addicott

9. Why Are So Few Aphids Ant-Tended?, Catherine M. Bristow

10. Effects of Ant-Homopteran Systems on Fig-Figwasp Interactions, S.G. Compton and H.G. Robertson

11. Variation in the Attractiveness of Lycaenid Butterfly Larvae to Ants, N.E. Pierce

12. Evolutionary and Ecological Patterns in Myremecophilous Riodinids, P.J. DeVries

PART III: Extrafloral Nectary-Mediated Interactions

13. Phylogeny, Lifeform, and Habitat Dependence of Ant-Defended Plants in a Panamanian Forest, Eugene W. Schupp and D.H. Feener, Jr.

14. The Ant Community Associated with Extrafloral Nectaries in the Brazilian Cerrados, Paulo S. Oliveira and Carlos R.F. Brandao

15. Extrafloral Nectaries of Herbs and Trees: Modelling the Interaction with Ants and Parasitoids, Suzanne Koptur

16. Bracken and Ants: Why is There No Mutualism?, V.K. Rashbrook

17. Some Associations Between Ants and Euphorbs in Tropical Australasia, D.A. Mackay and M.A. Whalen

PART IV: Symbiosis Between Plants and Ants

18. The Association Between Macaranga Trees and Ants in South-east Asia, Brigitte Fiala, Ulrich Maschwitz and Tho Yow Pong

19. Azteca Ants in Cecropia Trees: Taxonomy, Colony Structure, and Behavior, J.T. Longino

20. Symbiosis of Ants with Cecropia As a Function of Light Regime, Diane W. Davidson and Brian L. Fisher

21. Phylogenetic Analysis of the Evolution of a Mutualism: Leonardoxa (Caesalpiniaceae) and Its Associated Ants, Doyle McKey

22. Phylogenetic Analysis of Psuedomyrmecine Ants associated with Domatia-Bearing Plants, Philip S. Ward

23. Myrmecotropy: Origins, Operation and Importance, David H. Benzing

24. Cavity Structure and Function in the Tuberous Epiphytic Rubiaceae, Matthew Jebb

25. Parasitism of Ant-Plant Mutualisms and the Novel Case of Piper, D.K. Letourneau

26. Ants, Plants, and Beetles: A Triangular Relationship, Pierre Jolivet

PART V: Pollination, Ant-Exclusion and Dispersal

27. The Evidence for, and Importance of, Ant Pollination, Rod Peakall

28. The Greasy Pole Syndrome, Ray Harley

29. Seed Dispersal by Ants: Comparing Infertile with Fertile Soils, M. Westoby

30. Myrmecocheory in Cape Fynbos, W.J. Bond

31. Light Environments, Stage-Structure, and Dispersal Syndromes of Costa Rican Marantaceae, Carol C. Horvitz

32. Ground Beetles and Seed Dispersal of the Myrmecochorous Plant Trillium tschonoskii (Liliaceae), Seigo Higashi and Fuminori Ito

33. Seed Harvesting by Ants in Australia, Alan N. Anderson

r RT VI: Ants, Vegetation Ecology, and the Future of Ant-Plant Research

34. The Influence of Mound Building Ants on British Lowland Vegetation, Stanley R.J. Woodell and Timothy J. King

35. A Neotropical, Rainforest Canopy, Ant Community: Some Ecological Considerations, John E. Tobin

36. Parallels Between Ants and Plants: Implications for Community Ecology, Alan N. Anderson

37. Problems Outstanding in Ant-Plant Interaction Research, Andrew J. Beattie

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