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PART I: The IDE of the Tiger 1. Chapter 1: "Hello, World!" You Have Installed Xcode, Haven't You? The Project Assistant Has A Nice Bow tie! Getting In Your Face. Hooking Up. A Little TypeCasting . Do You Feel Lucky? Well Do You? The Lessons of Hello, World! Chapter 2: Shopping for Projects at the Builders' Emporium'. Make Me One With Everything. Coo-coo For Cocoa Apps. We Are Billion-Year-old Carbon. Java is East of Krakatoa. Frameworks and Plug-ins and Tools, Oh, My! Checking the Receipt. Chapter 3: Look in Any (Project) Window. Picture the Window . Groups, Smart and Otherwise. Aiming at a target. How Do I Build Thee? We Call the Tasks Button "Big Red". 411 on Speed Dial: Getting Info. Search and Ye Shall Find. What We Saw. PART II: Code Mountain Chapter 4: Compiler? I Hardly Know Her! A Little Background Reading. The Designer Compiler Collection. gcc, or, I GNU a C Compiler once... Third-Party Hearty. Compiling for Your Old xS. Work You Don't Have to Do. Under Cocoa's umbrella. Carbon's umbrella casts only a little shade. Back End. Chapter 5: Living In the Editor. It Came In Through the Editing Window. How Do I Open Files? Let Me Count the Ways... Split-View Editors Are Paneful. Shhh...The Editor Is Embed. You Can Get There From Here. State Your Preferences. What We Covered. Chapter 6: Practical Magic: Editing Features. What Color Is Your Syntax? External Editors Are vi-ing for Your Affection. You Know What I Mean Before I Finish Saying It: Code Completion. Automagic Formatting. #Pragma-tic Landmarks. Call It Macro-roni. In Short. Chapter 7: Reference Works While You Play. Reading While You Write. I Spy an API. The Searching General's Report. The Free Mark It System. man Overboard. Back Cover Copy. Chapter 8: Still Yet Even More Preferences. More General. More Fonts. More File Types. More Paths. More Key Bindings. More Documentation. More Geeky. More To Come. PART III:Drag-and-Drop Dead Gorgeous. Chapter 9: Interface Builder and The Widgets of Aqua. His Nibs Has Resources. Cocoa versus Carbon Interface Objects. Interface Building Is A Real Drag. The basic windows. Layout tools, part one. Adding windows. Adding menus. Layout tools, part two. Other palettes. Message Therapy. Carboniferous communication. Cocoa confections. Test Driving the Interface. The 142-word recap. Chapter 10: Hanging Out with the Supermodelers. A Touch of Class Modeling. Model Making 101. How to Data Model. Model Making 102. How Our Date went. PART IV: If You Build It, It May Run. Chapter 11: Doing It Old School in Carbon. I Got a C++ in Programming. It All Depends. Status Symbols. Totally RAD-ical Techniques. Build Log. Chapter 12: Cocoa is the NeXT Big Thing. Cocoa With a Marshmallow On Top. It All Depends. Status Symbols. Totally RADical Techniques. Build Log. Chapter 13: Java Nice Day. So Many Brews. Cocoa-Figure covered Espresso Beans. I Take My Java Black. Ant No Big Deal. Filtering the Grounds. Chapter 14: The Studio System: Building an AppleScript Application. An Obvious Example: Hello, World, in AppleScript. Beyond Ask and Answer. Cocoa-flavored AppleScript. Wrap Party. Chapter 15: Mixing Languages in Crossover Country. Drinking Cocoa By the C++ Side. Who Put Carbon In My Cocoa? The Eight-Dollar Question. The Final Mix. PART V:Of Cat Herding and Flea Baths: DeBugging, Optimizing, and Version Control. Chapter 16: Avoiding Falling Anvils and Other Crashes. GDB, or, I GNU a Debugger, Once, Too. The Debug window. The Debug menu. Breakpoints. The Fix (and Continue) Is In. How Not To Lose Your Memory. Debugging at a Distance. Debugging Debriefing. Chapter 17: Shave And A Haircut, 64 Bits: Optimization Tools. Free Samples. Sampler. Spin Control. What's Going On Right Now? CHUD for the Defense. Performance Monitoring, or, Are You Going To Be In There Long? Curtain Call. Chapter 18: Eliminating Version Perversion. The Cure for Versionitis. Some SCM Terms. Setting SCM up in Xcode. Subversive Behavior. What's the Diff? Compare. Diff. Annotate. Making Commitments. Update. Commit. Add. Remove. We Check Out. PART VI:Appendixes. Appendix A: The Xcode Developer's Diet. The Basic SDKs. Specialized SDKs. New to Tiger. Appendix B: Avoiding Migrate Headaches. Migrating from CodeWarrior. Migrating Other Kinds of Projects.

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