Table of contents for Collected papers in theoretical economics / Kaushik Basu.

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1. Introduction
Part I. Rationality and Social Norms
2. The Traveller s Dilemma: Paradoxes of Rationality in Game Theory
3. On Why We Do Not Try to Walk Off Without Paying After a Taxi Ride
Part II. Games and Equilibrium Behaviour
4. On the Existence of a Rationality Definition for Extensive Games
5. Strategy Subsets Closed under Rational Behaviour
6. Group Rationality, Utilitarianism, and Escher s Waterfall
7. Information and Strategy in the Iterated Prisoner s Dilemma
Part III. Industrial Organization and Strategic Behaviour
8. Monopoly, Quality Uncertainty, and Status Goods
9. Why Monopolists Prefer to Make Their Goods Less Durable
10. Entry-Deterrence in Stackelberg Perfect Equilibria
11. Collusion in Finitely Repeated Oligopolies
12. Stackelberg Equilibrium in Oligopoly: An Explanation based on Managerial Incentives
13. The Strategic Role of International Credit as an Instrument of Trade
14. Why Are So Many Goods Priced to End in Nine? And Why This Practice Hur
ts the Producers
Part IV. Government, Games and The Law
15. Notes on Bribery and the Control of Corruption
A Model of Monopoly with Strategic Government Intervention
17. On Misunderstanding Government: An Analysis of the Art of Policy Advice
18. The Economics and Law of Tenancy Rent Control

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Development economics.
Game theory.
Mathematical analysis.