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Preface. References. Acknowledgments. Acronyms. 1___ Radiation. 1.1___ The Early History of Electricity and Magnetism. 1.2___ James Clerk Maxwell, The Union of Electricity and Magnetism. 1.3___ Radiation by Accelerated Charge. 1.4___ Reactive and Radiating Electromagnetic Fields. References. 2____ Antennas. 2.1___ The Early History of Antennas. 2.2___ Antenna Developments During the First World War. 2.3___ Antenna Developments in Between the Wars. 2.4___ Antenna Developments During The Second World War. 2.5___ Post War Antenna Developments. References. 3___ Antenna Parameters. 3.1___ Radiation Pattern. 3.2___ Antenna Impedance and Bandwidth. 3.3___ Polarisation. 3.4___ Antenna Effective Area and Vector Effective Length. 3.5___ Radio Equation. 3.6___ Radar Equation. References. 4___ The Linear Broadside Array Antenna. 4.1___ A Linear Array of Non-Isotropic Point-Source Radiators. 4.2___ Plane Waves. 4.3___ Received Signal. 4.4___ Array Factor. 4.5___ Side Lobes and Grating Lobes. 4.6___ Amplitude Taper. References. 5___ Design of a 4-Elements, Linear, Broadside, Microstrip Patch Array Antenna. 5.1___ Introduction. 5.2___ Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna. 5.3___ Split-T Power Divider. 5.4___ Transmission and Reflection Coefficients for a Corporate Fed Array Antenna. 5.5___ Simulation, Realisation and Measurement. References. 6___ The Linear Endfire Array Antenna. 6.1___ Introduction. 6.2___ Phase Differences. 6.3___ Hansen-Woodyard Endfire Array Antenna. 6.4___ Mutual Coupling. 6.5___ Yagi-Uda Array Antenna. References. 7___ The Linear Phased Array Antenna. 7.1___ Linear Phase Taper. 7.2___ Beam Broadening. 7.3___ Grating Lobes and Visible Space. 7.4___ Means of Phase Shifting. References. 8___ A Frequency Scanned Slotted Waveguide Array Antenna. 8.1___ Slotted Waveguide Array Antenna. 8.2___ Antenna Design. 8.3___ Validation. References. 9___ The Planar Array and Phased Array Antenna. 9.1___ Geometry. 9.2___ Planar Array Antenna. 9.3___ Planar Phased Array Antenna. References. 10___ Special Array Antenna Configurations. 10.1___ Conformal Array and Phased Array Antennas. 10.2___ Volume Array and Phased Array Antennas. 10.3___ Sequential Rotation and Phasing. 10.4___ Reactive Loading. References. 11___ Array and Phased Array Antenna Measurement. 11.1___ Input Impedance, Self Coupling and Mutual Coupling. 11.2___ Radiation Pattern Measurement. 11.3___ Scan Element Pattern. 11.4___ Waveguide Simulator. References. Appendix A__ Complex Analysis. A.1__ Complex Numbers. A.2__ Use of Complex Variables. Appendix B__ Vector Analysis. B.1__ Notation. B.2__ Addition and Subtraction. B.3__ Products. B.4__ Derivatives. Appendix C__ Effective Aperture and Directivity. Appendix D__ Transmission Line Theory. D.1__ Distributed Parameters. D.2__ Guided Waves. D.3__ Input Impedance of a Transmission Line. D.4__ Terminated Lossless Transmission Lines. D.5__ Quarter Wavelength Impedance Transformer. Appendix E__ Scattering Matrix. E.1__ Normalised Scattering Matrix. E.2__ Unnormalised Scattering Matrix. References. Appendix F__ Voltage Incident at a Transmission Line. Appendix G__ Cascaded Scattering Matrices. Index.

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