Table of contents for Comparative vertebrate neuroanatomy : evolution and adaptation / Ann B. Butler, William Hodos.

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Preface. Acknowledgments. List of Boxes. PART ONE: EVOLUTION AND THE ORGANIZATION OF THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. 1. Evolution and Variation. 2. Neurons and Sensory Receptors. 3. The Vertebrate Central Nervous System. 4. Vertebrate Phylogeny and Diversity in Brain Organization. 5. Evolution and Adaptation of the Brain, Behavior, and Intelligence. 6. Theories of Brain Evolution. PART TWO: THE SPNIAL CORD AND HINDBRAIN. 7. Overview of Spinal Cord and Hindbrain. 8. The Spinal Cord. 9. Segmental Organization of the Head, Brain, and Cranial Nerves. 10. Functional Organization of the Cranial Nerves. 11. Sensory Cranial Nerves of the Brainstem. 12. Motor Cranial Nerves. 13. The Reticular Formation. 14. The Cerebellum. PART THREE: THE MIDBRAIN. 15. Overview of the Midbrain. 16. Isthmus. 17. Tegmentum and Tori. 18. Optic Tectum. PART FOUR: THE FOREBRAIN: DIENCEPHALON. 19. Overview of the Forebrain. 20. Pretectum. Accessory Optic System, and Migrated Posterior Tuberculum. 21. Epithalamus. 22. Dorsal Thalamus. 23. The Visceral Brain: The Hypothalamus and the Autonomic Nervous System. PART FIVE: THE FOREBRAIN: TELENCEPHALON. 24. Basal Telencephalon. 25. Nonlimbic Pallium. 26. Visual Forebrain in Amniotes. 27. Somatosensory and Motor Forebrain in Amniotes. 28. Auditory and Vocal Forebrain Amniotes. 29. Terminal Nerve and Olfactory Forebrain. 30. Limbic Telencephalon. PART SIX: CONCLUSION. 31. Evolution of Brains: A Bilaterian View. Appendix: Terms Used in Neuroanatomy. Glossary. Index.

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