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Section 1: Approach to Basic Sciences and Biochemistry Section 2: 45 Cases Case 1 Gene Expression and Protein Synthesis Case 2 Methotrexate use (S phase chemotherapy) Case 3 HIV retrovirus polymerase agent Case 4 PCR test Case 5 Steroid messenger regulation of protein synthesis Case 6 Gel electrophoresis analysis for cystic fibrosis Case 7 Ribovirin use for influenza virus Case 8 Erythromycin mechanism (antibiotic) Case 9 Quinolone use (pelvic inflammatory disease) Case 10 Oncogenes and cancer Case 11 Oligonucleotide probe Case 12 Fragile X syndrome Case 13 Metabolism, ATP; Thiamine deficiency Case 14 Anaerobic metabolism (septic shock) Case 15 Cyanide poisoning Case 16 Rotenone (fish poison) toxicity Case 17 Folate deficiency Case 18 Carbon monoxide poisoning Case 19 Vitamin C deficiency Case 20 Malignant hyperthermia Case 21 Carbohydrate metabolism; False Pancreatitis (amylase) Case 22 Acute fatty liver of pregnancy (hypoglycemia) Case 23 Rhabdomyolysis (lactate) Case 24 Glucose intolerance Case 25 Hemolytic anemia (pyruvate kinase deficiency) Case 26 Fluctose intolerance Case 27 Increase dietary fiber Case 28 Somogi effect (nighttime hypoglycemia; morning hyperglycemia) Case 29 Muscle cramps Case 30 Tay Sach’s Case 31 Lipid metabolism; Hypercholesterolinemia Case 32 Gall stones Case 33 Bleeding after aspirin Case 34 Respiratory distress in newborn Case 35 Hypertriglyceridemia Case 36 Cholestasis of pregnancy Case 37 Statin agents and lowering of cholesterol Case 38 Protein metabolism (Starvation; conversion of amino acids into glucose) Case 39 Cirrhosis with ammonia accumulation Case 40 Cystinuria (congenital defect in transport of cysteine) Case 41 Anorexia nervosa Case 42 Tylenol overdose Case 43 Vegetarian Case 44 Gout Case 45 Biochemical Endocrinology; Iodine deficiency (hypothyroidism) Case 46 Diabetes insipidus Case 47 Acromegaly Case 48 Menopause Case 49 Addison’s disease Case 50 Parathyroid hormone

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