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From Elsewhere

"It can be particularly difficult for young people to realize they are dead," Aldous says.

"Why is that?"

"Young people tend to think they're immortal. Many of them can't conceive of themselves as dead, Elizabeth."

Aldous proceeds to go through all the things Liz would have to do in the next several months. Dying seems to entail a great deal more work than Liz initially thought. In a way, dying isn't that different from school.

"Have you put any thought into an avocation?" Aldous asks her.

Liz shrugs. "Not really. I didn't really have a job on Earth, because I was still in school.'

"Oh no no no," Aldous says, "an avocation is not a job. A job has to do with prestige! Money! An avocation is something a person does to make their soul complete."

Liz rolls her eyes.

"I see by your expression you don't believe me," Aldous says. "It appears I've got a fourteen-year-old cynic on my hands."

"Fifteen," Liz corrects him.

"Is there anything you particularly loved on Earth?"

Liz shrugs.

"Anything, anything at all?"

"Animals, maybe something with animals or dogs," Liz says finally, thinking of her prized pug, Lucy, back on Earth.

"Marvelous!" crows Aldous. "I'm sure I could find you something fabulous to do with dogs!"

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