Table of contents for Brain and visual perception : the story of a 25-year collaboration / David H. Hubel, Torsten N. Wiesel.

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Part I. Introduction and Biographies
1. David H. Hubel
2. Torsten N. Wiesel
Part II. Background to Our Research
3. Cortical Neurophysiology in the 1950's
4. The Group at Johns Hopkins
5. The Move from Hopkins to Harvard
6. The New Department
Part III. Normal Physiology and Anatomy
7. Our First Paper, on Cat Cortex, 1959
8. Recordings from Fibers in the Monkey Optic Nerve
9. Recordings from Cells in the Cat Lateral Geniculate
10. Our Major Paper on Cat Striate Cortex, 1962
11. Recordings from the Cat Prestriate Areas, 18 and 19
12. Survey of the Monkey Lateral Geniculate Body--A Foray into Color
13. Recording Fibers in the Cat Corpus Collosum
14. Recordings in Monkey Striate Cortex, 1968
15. Another Visual Representation, the Cat Clare-Bishop Area
16 Encoding of Binocular Depth in a Cortical Area in the Monkey.
17. Anatomy of the Geniculo-cortical Pathway: The Nauta Method
18. Ocular Dominance Columns Revealed by Autoradiography
19. Regular Sequences of Orientation Shifts in Monkeys
20. Cortical Modules and Magnification in Monkeys
Part IV. Deprivation and Development
21. The First Three Kitten Deprivation Papers
22. The Second Group of Deprivation Papers
23. The Siamese Cat
24. Cells Grouped in Orientation Columns in Newborn Monkeys
25. Plasticity and Development of Monkeys Ocular Dominance Columns
Part V. Three Reviews
26. Ferrier Lecture, 1977
27. Nobel Lecture, David H. Hubel, 1981
Nobel Lecture, Torsten N. Wiesel, 1981
28. Epilogue: Summing Up
List of Papers Included
Today, Forty-six Years After Starting
Torsten Wiesel
David Hubel

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