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Part I. Introductory Principles: 1. Genes and their expression Dirk-Jan Kleinjan; 2. Epigenetic modification of chromatin Donncha Dunican, Sari Pennings and Richard Meehan; 3. Population genetics and disease Donald Conrad and Jonathan Pritchard; 4. Mapping common disease genes Naomi Wray and Petter Visscher; 5. Population diversity, genomes and disease Gianpiero Cavalleri and David Goldstein; 6. Study design in mapping complex disease traits Harry Campbell and Igor Rudan; 7. Diseases of protein misfolding Christopher Dobson; 8. Aging and disease Thomas Perls; 9. The MHC paradigm - genetic variation and complex disease Adrian Kelly and John Trowsdale; 10. Lessons from single gene disorders Nicholas Hastie; 11. Environment and disease A. J. McMichael and K. B. G. Dear; 12. Contemporary ethico-legal issues in genetics Renate Gertz, Shawn Harmon and Geoffrey Pradella; Part II. Common Medical Disorders: 13. Developmental disorders Stephen Robertson and Andrew Wilkie; 14. Genes, environment and cancer Timothy Bishop; 15. The polygenic basis of breast cancer Paul Pharoah and Bruce Ponder; 16. TP53: a master gene in normal and tumour suppression Pierre Hainaut; 17. Genetics of colorectal cancer Susan Farrington and Malcolm Dunlop; 18. Genetics of autoimmune disease John Bell and Lars Fugger; 19. Susceptibility to infectious diseases Andrew Walley and Adrian Hill; 20. Inflammatory bowel diseases Jean-Pierre Hugot; 21. Genetic anaemias W. G. Wood and D. R. Higgs; 22. Genetics of chronic disease: obesity Sadaf Farooqi and Stephen O'Rahilly; 23. Type 2 diabetes mellitus Mark McCarthy; 24. Genetics of coronary heart disease Rossi Naoumova, Stuart Cook, Paul Cook and Timothy Aitman; 25. Genetics of hypertension B. Keavney and M. Lathrop; 26. Obstructive pulmonary disease Bipen Patel and David Lomas; 27. Skeletal disorders Robert Colbert; 28. The genetics of common skin diseases Jonathan Rees; 29. Molecular genetics of Alzheimer disease and other adult-onset dementias Peter St George-Hyslop; 30. Major psychiatric disorders in adult life Amanda Elkin, Sridevi Kalidindi, Kopal Tandon and Peter McGuffin; 31. Speech and language disorders Gabrielle Barnby and Anthony Monaco; 32. Common forms of visual handicap Alan Wright; 33. Genetic and environmental influences on hearing impairment Karen Steel; 34. Pharmacogenomics - clinical applications Gillian Smith and Roland Wolf.

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Genetic Predisposition to Disease.