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</p> <p /> <li />After shampooing and conditioning, blow-dry the hair roughly until it is 70 percent dry. <p /> <li />Apply the mousse or blow-drying spray, working it evenly through the hair with your fingers. <p /> <li />Pin up the top layer of the hair with sectioning clips so that you can access the layer underneath. Dry the hair section by section, using the roller brush to hold the roots at right angles to the scalp as you do so to give maximum volume. <p /> <li />Unclip the top layer section by section and dry each one in the same way, this time unclipping the handle of the brush and leaving the roller in the hair to set in volume. This creates a soft fullness that lifts the hair away from the head. It also smooths and softens the hair cuticles, maximizing shine. <p /> <li />Give the hair a blast of cold air to set, then gently remove the brush head once the hair is completely cool. <p /> <li />When you have finished drying all the hair, shape it with your fingers and lightly spritz with hairspray. <p /> <h3> Textured Hair </h3> <p /> You Need Medium-hold gel * comb * hairdryer <p /> <li />A quick, easy way of adding texture to hair of any length is to apply a little medium-hold gel to your roots. You can do this on wet hair or dry hair. <p /> <li />Using a hairdryer, direct the heat at the roots and use your fingers to lift the hair as you do so. <p /> <li />Once the roots are dry, take the heat through to the ends of your hair, combing it with your fingers. This gives a slightly messy and windblown look. <p /> <li />For ultimate "rock chick" texture and great volume, finish by tipping your head upside-down and gently roughing up the hair with you hands. <p /> <h4> Styling Secrets </h4> Always finish blow-drying your hair with a quick blast of cold air. Not only does it "set" the new shape in place, but it closes the hair cuticles which maximizes gloss and shine. (When the cuticles lie flat, they reflect light better.) Now that's a cute tip! </p> For best blow-drying results, gently dry the hair until it is 70 percent dry before attempting to style it -- trying to style and shape wet hair is just a waste of time and effort. </p> Be careful when you dry your hair upside-down -- it can rough up the cuticle which leaves the hair looking dull. Only do it occasionally when you want to build up huge volume. </p> When using waxes and styling products, the secret is to start off with a tiny amount and add more gradually if it is needed. </p> Always use a clean hairbrush -- not one that is clogged up with hair and product. You should wash your brushes once a week in a little shampoo and warm water. </p>

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