Table of contents for Understanding rheology / Faith A. Morrison.

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1. Introduction: How Much Do I Need to Learn about Rheology?
1.1. Shear Thinning/Shear Thickening
1.2. Yield Stress
1.3. Elastic/Viscoelastic Effects
1.4. Rheology as Spectroscopy
1.5. Process Modeling
2. Vector and Tensor Operations
2.1. Scalars
2.2. Vectors
2.3. Tensors
2.4. Differential Operations with Vectors and Tensors
2.5. Curvilinear Coordinates
2.6. Vector and Tensor Integral Theorems
2.7. Problems
3. Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
3.1. Conservation of Mass
3.2. Conservation of Momentum
3.3. The Newtonian Constitutive Equation
3.4. The Navier-Stokes Equation
3.5. Example Flow Problems: Incompressible Newtonian Fluids
3.6. Problems
4. Standard Flows for Rheology
4.1. Introduction
4.2. Simple Shear Flow
4.3. Simple Shear-Free (Elongational) Flows
4.4. Forms of the Stress Tensor in Standard Flows
4.5. Measuring Stresses in Standard Flows
4.6. Problems
5. Material Functions
5.1. Introductino and Definitions
5.2. Shear Flow
5.3. Elogational Flow
5.4. Problems
6. Experimental Data
6.1. Steady Shear Flow
6.2. Unsteady Shear FLow
6.3. Steady Elongational Flow
6.4. Unsteady Elongational Flow
6.5. Summary
6.6. Problems
7. No Memory: Generalized Newtonian Fluids
7.1. Constitutive Constraints
7.2. The GNF Constitutive Equation
7.3. Material Function Predictions
7.4. Example Flow Problems: Power-Law Generalized Newtonian Fluid
7.5. Limitations on GNF Models
8. Memory Effects: Generalized Linear-Visoelastic Fluids
8.1. Memory Effects
8.2. The Maxwell Models
8.3. The GLVE Constitutive Equation
8.4. Example Flow Problems: GLVE Fluid
8.5. Limitations on the GLVE Model
8.6. Problems
9. Introduction to More Advanced Constitutive Modeling
9.1. Finite Strain Measures
9.2. Lodge Equation
9.3. Convected Derivatives
9.4. Other Constitutive Approaches
9.5. Problems
10. Rheometry
10.1. Shear Flow
10.2. Elongational Flows
10.3. Flow Birefringence
10.4. Summary
10.5. Problems
A. Nomenclature
B. Glossary
C. Mathemats
C1. Math Hints
C2. Differential Operations in Curvlinear Coordinates
C3. Projection of a Plane
C4. Finite Deformation Tensors in Curvlinear Coordinates
C5. Coordinate Transformations of Orthonormal Bases
C6. Finding Principal Values
C7. Contravariant/Covariant Transformations of Tensors
C8. Problems--Mathematics Appendix
D. Predictions of Constitutive Equations
E. Optics of Birefringence
E1. Light in a Vacuum
E2. Light in an Isotropic Medium
E3. Light in an Anisotropic Medium
E4. Summary
E5. Problems

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