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PART I The Science of Cloning
1. Voices from Roslin: The Creators of Dolly Discuss Science, Ethics, and Social Responsibility, Arlene Judith Klotzko
2. Mammalian Cloning by Nuclear Microinjection, A.C.F. Perry
3. On Recent Developments in Mammalian Nuclear Transplantation Cloning, Steen Willadsen
4. Dolly Mice, Anne McLaren
5. Controversy over Dolly's Provenance, Alan Colman
6. Thinking Twice, or Thrice, about Cloning, Lee Silver
7. Would Cloned Humans Really Be Like Sheep?, Leon Eisenberg
PART II The Context of Cloning
8. Cloning in the Popular Imagination, Dorothy Nelkin and M. Susan Lindee
9. The Two-Edged Sword: Biotechnology and Mythology, Kenneth M. Boyd
10. Cloning Then and Now, Daniel Callahan
11. On Re-Doing Man, Kurt Hirschborn
12. A Report from America: The Debate about Dolly, Arlene Judith Klotzko
13. Power Without Responsibility: Media Portrayals of Dolly and Science, Tom Wilkie and Elisabeth Graham
PART III Cloning: The Ethical Issues
14. Does Ethics Make a Difference? The Debate over Human Cloning, Arthur L. Caplan
15. Cloning Humans and Cloning Animals, Peter Singer
16. Animal Cloning: The Pet Paradigm, Arlene Judith Klotzko
17. A Pragmatic Approach to Human Cloning, Glenn McGee
18. Human Reproductive Cloning: A Look at the Arguments Against It and a Rejection of Most of Them, Raanan Gillon
19. A Life in the Shadow: One Reason Why We Should Not Clone Humans, Soren Holm
20. Clones, Harms, and Rights, Rosamond Rhodes
PART IV Cloning and Germ Line Interventions: The Policy Issues
21. Reflections on the Interface of Bioethics, Public Policy, and Science, Harold T. Shapiro
22. The Regulation of Technology, Mary Warnock
23. Cloning and Regulative Dilemma, David Magnus
24. Mom, Dad, Clone: Implications for Reproductive Privacy, Lori Andrews
25. First Dolly, Now Polly: Policy Implications of the Birth of a Transgenic Cloned Lamb, Andrea L. Bonnicksen
26. Ethical Aspects of Genetic Modification of Animals: Opinion of the Group of Advisers on the Ethical Implications of Biotechnology of the European Commission, Commentary: Egbert Schroten
27. Ethical Aspects of Cloning Techniques: Opinion of the Group of Advisers on the Ethical Implications of Biotechnology of the European Commission, Commentary: Anne McLaren
28. Cloning Issues in Reproduction, Science, and Medicine: A Report by a Joint Working Group of the UK Human Genetics Advisory Commission and the UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, Commentary: Onora O'Neill and Ruth Deech

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Human cloning.
Human cloning -- Moral and ethical aspects.
Human reproductive technology -- Moral and ethical aspects.