Table of contents for Demonizing the Queen of Sheba : boundaries of gender and culture in postbiblical Judaism and medieval Islam / Jacob Lassner.

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1. Biblical and Postbiblical Accounts
A. The Biblical Account
B. The Midrash Mishle
C. The Midrash ha-Hefez
D. The Targum Sheni to the Book of Esther
E. The Stories of Ben Sira
F. The Origins of the Dangerous/Demonic Queen
2. The Qur'anic Story of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
A. The Account of the Queen's Visit
B. Muslim Scripture and Jewish Sources
C. The Nature of the Qur'anic Version
3. Later Muslim Versions
A. Tha'labi's Account
B. The Missing Hoopoe
C. Bilqis
D. A Noble Letter
E. The Mission to Solomon
F. The Queen's Visit
G. The Fate of Bilqis
4. A Reading of Tha'labi's Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
A. Concern for an Orderly Universe
B. The Prophet's Mandate
C. The Danger of Crossing Gender Boundaries
D. The Queen's Challenge to Man and Divine Order
E. Submission to Male Authority
F. Postscript: Universal versus Particular
5. Islamizing Universal and Specifically Jewish Themes
A. The Significance of the Queen's Throne
B. Muslim Markings
C. Islamizing the Story of the Hoopoe
D. Jewish Themes and Settings
E. The One Who Had Knowledge of the Book
F. Asaph Son of Berechiah
G. The Mightiest Name of God
H. Traces of Jewish Themes
I. Muslim Uses of the Jewish Past
6. The Transfer and Absorption of Cultural Artifacts
A. Islamizing Jewish Memorabilia
B. The Queen's Visit: Some Methodological Considerations
C. Cases in Point
D. Islamized Artifacts Entering/Reentering Jewish Tradition
E. The Queen's Origins: A Late Yemenite Version
F. Solomon's Campaign against the Island King
G. Solomon and the Queen of Sheba According to Saadiah Ben Joseph
H. Recent Jewish Folklore
Appendix: Texts in Translation
A. The Queen's Visit: I Kings 10:1-13
B. The Queen of Sheba in the Midrash Mishle (Proverbs)
C. Riddles of the Midrash ha-Hefez
D. The Targum Sheni to the Book of Esther
E. Pseudo Ben Sira on the Queen's Visit
F. The Yemenite Tale of Saadiah Ben Joseph
G. Recent Jewish Folklore and the Folkloric Texts
H. Various Qur'anic Texts
I. Tha'labi's Version of Sulayman and Bilqis, the Queen
J. Passages from al-Kisa'i
Index of Biblical Verses
General Index

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