Table of contents for Quantum physics of atoms, molecules, solids, nuclei, and particles [by] Robert Eisberg and Robert Resnick.

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Thermal Radiation and Planck's Postulate. Photons--Particlelike Properties of Radiation. De Broglie's Postulate--Wavelike Properties of Particles. Bohr's Model of the Atom. Schroedinger's Theory of Quantum Mechanics. Solutions of Time-Independent Schroedinger Equations. One-Electron Atoms. Magnetic Dipole Moments, Spin, and Transition Rates. Multielectron Atoms--Ground States and X-Ray Excitations. Multielectron Atoms--Optical Excitations. Quantum Statistics. Molecules. Solids--Conductors and Semiconductors. Solids--Superconductors and Magnetic Properties. Nuclear Models. Nuclear Decay and Nuclear Reactions. Introduction to Elementary Particles. More Elementary Particles. Appendixes.

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Quantum theory.