Table of contents for War and public health / edited by Barry S. Levy, Victor W. Sidel.

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Foreword by Jimmy Carter
I. War as Part of the Public Health Agenda
1. Arms and Public Health: A Global Perspective, William Foege
2. Children, Wars and the Responsibility of the International Community, James P. Grant
II. The Impact of War on Public Health
3. The Human Consequences of War, Richard M. Garfield and Alfred Neugut
4. The Impact of War on Human Rights, H. Jack Geiger
5. The Environmental Consequences of War, Gurinder Shahi, Chen Lee, and Barry Levy
III. Effects of Weapons Systems of Public Health
6. The Public Health Effects of the Use of Nuclear Weapons, Kenjiro Yokoro and Nanao Kamada
7. The Public Health Effects of the Use of Chemical Weapons, Alan H. Lockwood
8. The Public Health Effects of Biological Weapons, Robert Gold and Nancy D. Connel
9. Environmental and Health Effects of Weapons Production, Testing, and Maintenance, Michael Renner
10. The Public Health Effects of Landmines: Long Term Consequences for Civilians, James C. Cobey and Jonathan Fine
IV. Effects of War and Militarism on Populations
11. The Impact of Militarism on Civilian Populations, Barry S. Levy and Victor W. Sidel
12. The Psychological Effects of War on Children, Joanna Santa Barbara
13. The Impact of War on Women, Mary-Wynne Ashford and Yolanda Huet-Vaughn
14. Displaced Persons and War, Michael J. Toole
V. The Impact of Specific Military Conflicts on Public Health
15. Public Health and the Vietanm War, Myron Allukian and Paul L. Atwood
16. Public Health and the War in Central America, Paula Braveman, Alan Meyers, Thomas Schenker, and Curt Wands
17. Public Health and the Persian Gulf War, Eric Hoskins
VI. The Roles of Public Health Professional and Organization
18. The Roles of Health Professional in War, Victor W. Sidel
19. The Roles of Nongovernmental Organizations in Responding to Health Needs Created by War, Barbara Smith
20. Effective Humanitarian Aid: Our Only Hope of Intervention in Civil War, James C. Cobey, Annette Flanangin, and William H. Foege
VII. Can War and Its Public Health Impacts be Prevented?
21. Education for Preventing War, Leland Miles
22. Preventing Nuclear War, Lachlan Forrow and Ernesto Kahan
23. Nurses and the Prevention of War: Public Health Nurses and the Peace Movement, Elizabeth Temkin
24. The Future of Peace Keeping, Michael Renner
25. Mediation: Perspectives from the Medical Peace Movement, Nick Lewer
26. Preventing War and Its Public Health Consequences: Roles of Public Health Professionals, Barry S. Levy and Victor W. Sidel

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War and society.