Table of contents for Design of analog filters / Rolf Schaumann, Mac E. Van Valkenburg.

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1. Introduction
1.1. Fundamentals
1.2. Types of Filters and Descriptive Terminology
1.4. Why We Use Analog Filters
2. Operational Amplifiers
2.1. Operational Amplifier Models
2.2. Op-Amp Slew Rate
2.3. The Operational Amplifier with Resistive Feedback-Non-Inverting and Inverting Amplifiers
2.4. Analysis Op-Amp Circuits
2.5. Block Diagrams and Feedback
2.6. The Voltage Follower
2.7. Addition and Subtraction
2.8. Applications of Op-Amp Resistor Circuits
3. First-Order Filters: Bilinear Transfer Functions and Frequency Response
3.1. Bilinear Transfer Functions and Its Parts
3.2. Realization with Passive Elements
3.3. Bode Plots
3.4. Active Realizations
3.5. The Effect of A(s)
3.6. Cascade Design
3.8. And Now Design
4. Second-Order Lowpass and Bandpass Filters
4.1. Design Parameters - Q and W
4.2. The Second-Order Circuits
4.3. Frequency Response of Lowpass and Bandpass Circuits
4.4. Integrators -- The Effects of A(s)
4.5. Other Biquads
5. Second-Order Filters with Arbitrary Transmission Zeroes
5.1. Using Summing
5.2. By Voltage FeedForward
5.3. Cascade Design Revisited
6. Lowpass Filters with Maximally Flat Magnitude
6.1. The Ideal Lowpass Filter
6.2. Butterworth Response
6.3. Butterworth Pole Locations
6.4. Lowpass Filter Specifications
6.5. Arbitrary Transmission Zeroes
7. Lowpass Filters with Maximally Flat Magnitude
7.1. Lissajou Figures
7.2. The Chebyshev Magnitude Response
7.3. Location of Chebyshev Poles
7.4. Comparison of Maximally Flat and Equal-Ripple Responses
7.5. Chebyshev Filter Design
8. Inverse Chebyshev and Cauer Filters
8.1. The Inverse Chebyshev Response
8.2. From Specifications to Pole and Zero Locations
8.3. Cauer Magnitude Response
8.4. Chebyshev Rational Functions
8.5. Cauer Filter Design
8.6. Comparison of the Classical Filter Responses
9. Frequency Transmission
9.1. Lowpass-to-Highpass Transformation
9.2. Lowpass-to-Highpass Transformation
9.3. Lowpass-to-Band-Elimination Transformation
9.4. Lowpass-to-Multiple Passband Transformation
9.5. The Foster Reactance Function
10. Delay Filters
10.1. Time Delay and Transfer Functions
10.2. Bessel-Thomson Response
10.3. Bessel Polynomials
10.4. Further Comparisons of Responses
10.5. Design of Bessel-Thomson Filters
10.6. Equal-Ripple Delay Response
10.7. Approxmating an Ideal Delay Function
10.8. Improving High-Frequency Attenuation Generating Gain Boosts
11. Delay Equalization
11.1. Equalization Procedures
11.2. Equalization with First-Order Modules
11.3. Equalization with Second-Order Modules
11.4. Estimating the Number of Sections Needed for Equalization
12. Sensitivity
12.1. Definition of Bode Sensitivity
12.2. Second-Order Sections
12.3. High-Order Filters
13. LC Ladder Filters
13.1. Some Properties of Lossless Ladders
13.2. A Synthesis Strategy
13.3. Tables for Other Responses
13.4. General Ladder Design Methods
13.5. Frequency Transformation
13.6. Design of Passive Equalizers
14. Ladder Simulations by Element Replacement
14.1. The General Impedance Converter
14.2. Optimal Design of the GIC
14.3. Realizing Simple Ladders
14.4. Gorski-Popiel's Embedding Technique
14.5. Bruton's FDNR Technique
14.6. Creativing Negative Components
15. Operational Simulations of Ladders
15.1. Simulation of Lowpass Ladder
15.2. Design of General Ladders
15.3. Bandpass Ladders
16. Transconductance-C Filters
16.1. Transconducting Cells
16.2. Elementary Transconductor Building Blocks
16.3. First- and Second-Order Filters
16.4. High-Order Filters
16.5. Automatic Tuning
17. Switched-Capacitor Filters
17.1. The Moss Switch
17.2. The Switched Capacitor
17.3. First-Order Building Blocks
17.4. Second-Order Building Blocks
17.5. Sampled-Data Operation
17.6. Switched-Capacitor First- and Second-Order Sections
17.7. The Bilinear Transformation
17.8. Design of Switched-Capacitor Cascade Filters
17.9. Design of Switched-Capacitor Ladder Filters
A1. Introduction to MATLAB
A2. Introduction to Electronics Workbench

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Electric filters, Active -- Design and construction.
Analog electronic systems -- Design and construction.
Linear integrated circuits -- Design and construction.
Operational amplifiers.