Table of contents for Diagnostic pathology of parasitic infections with clinical correlations / Yezid Gutierrez.

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1. Introduction
Part I The Protists
2. Microspora
3. Intestinal and Urogenital Flagellates
4. The Leishmaniae
5. The Trypanosomes
6. Free Living Amebae
7. Intestinal Amebae
8. Intestinal Apicomplexa
9. Tissue Apicomplexa
10. Apicomplexa of the Blood
11. The Ciliates
Part II The Nematodes
12. Rhabditida
13. Strongylida
14. Cutaneous Larva Migrans
15. Oxyurida
16. Ascaridida
17. Visceral Larva Migrans
18. Spirurida
19. Filariae of Lymphatics
20. Filariae of Subcutaneous Tissues and Body Cavities
21. Filariae of Lungs, Brain, and Eyes
22. Trichinelloidea
Part III The Trematodes
23. Trematodes of the Blood Vessels
24. Biliary and Pancreatic Trematodes
25. Intestinal, Pulmonary, Eye and other Trematodes
Part IV The Cestodes
26. Cysticercosis, Coenurosis, Sparganosis, and Proliferating Cestode Larvae
27. Echinococcus--Hydatid Disease
Part V The Arthropods
28. Pentastomes, Demodex Mites, Scabies, Flies, and Fleas
Part VI Differential Diagnosis
29. A guide to Differential Diagnosis by Organ Systems and Tissues with a Listing of Parasites

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Parasitic diseases -- Diagnosis.
Diagnostic parasitology.
Parasitic diseases -- Histopathology.
Parasitic Diseases -- diagnosis.
Parasitic Diseases -- physiopathology.