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Coatings Characterization Studies-Impedance
1. Corrosion and Its Control by Coatings, Gordon P. Bierwagen
2. Long-Term Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Electrochemical Evaluations of Five Distinct Types of Navy Coati, J.N. Murray
3. Application of Localized Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy to the Study of the Degradation of Organic Coatings, F. Zou and D. Thierry
4. Electrochemical Impedance Analysis of Anticorrosive Latex Paint Films, Carleton J. Barbour
5. Application of Impedance Spectroscopy During the Lifetime of Organic Coatings, D.H. van der Weijde et al.
6. Using Reliability Statistics to Estimate Metal- Container Failure Levels from Censored Tests, W. Stephen Tait
7. Quantification of Coating Aging Using Impedance Measurements, E.P.M. van Westing et al.
Coatings Properties and Corrosion Control
8. Study of the Water Barrier Properities of Paints After Natural and Accelerated Photooxidative Degradation, E. Deflorian, L. Fedrizzi and P.L. Bonora
9. Studies of Adhesion and Disbonding of Coatings by Scanning Acoustic Microscopy, J.D. Crossen, et al.
10. Defects and Heterogeneities in Corrosion Protective Organic Coatings Films and Their Effects on Film Performance, Gordon P. Bierwagen, et al.
11. Prediction of Blistering in Coating Systems, James M. Pommersheim and T. Nguyen
12. Initial Studies of Electrochemical Comparison of Coating Performance in Flowing versus Stationary Electrolyte, Carol S. Jeffcoate and Gordon P. Bierwagen
13. Transport Properties of Waterborne Polymeric Coatings, H.K. Tay and J.M. Sykes
Coatings Testing For Specific Environments
14. Degradation of Polymer Coatings on Steel Exposed to Seawater, F. Mansfeld, et al.
15. Failure Mode Prediction of Organic Coating-Metallic Substrate Systems, L. Nicodemo
16. Biodegradation of Polyimide-Coated Chromium Substrates, D.B. Mitton
17. Quantitative Methods of Predicting Relative Effectiveness of Corrosion-Inhibiting Coatings on Aircraft Aluminum, K.J. Lewis, J.H. Aklian and J.D. Zook
18. Inhibition Properties of Some Aircraft Corrosion Protective Coatings, A.W. Fangmeier, et al.
19. Testing of Coating Materials in Industrial Practice, Otto Vogt
20. Realistic Performance Testing of Internal Coatings for Oilfield Production, G.R. Ruschau
Coatings for Unique Substrates and Environments
21. An Aspect of Concrete Protection by Surface Coating, J.B. Johnson and B.S. Skerry
22. Formulations and Field Performance of Fluorinated Polyurethane Coatings, Robert F. Brady, Jr.
23. Electrochemical Studies of Vinyl Ester Coatings for Fuel Tanks
24. Control of the Protective Properties of Polyethylene Coatings Using Molybdenum Disulphide Filling, V. Yu. Barinov, V.E. Panasyuk, and S.R. Prots
25. Defect Area Calculated from Electrochemical Noise and Impedance Measurements, R.L. Twite and Gordon P. Bierwagen
Inhibitors, Pigments and Pretreatment
26. Novel Pretreatments of Metals for Corrosion Protections by Coatings: Plasma Polymerized Hexamethuldisiloxane on Cold-Rolled Steel, W.J. van Ooij and K.D. Conners
27. Novel Pretreatments of Metals for Corrosion Protection by Coatings: Part II, Plasma Polymerized Hexamethyldisiloxane Films on Galvalume, W.J. van Ooij, et al.
28. Improvement of Wet-Adhesion on Stainless Steels by Electrolytic Polymerization Treatment with Triazine Thiol Compounds, H. Yamabe
29. The Replacement of Chromate- and Lead-Based Inhibitors in Protective Coatings, Charles Simpson
30. Nontoxic Spinel-Type Pigments in Anticorrosive Coatings, A. Kalendova, J. Snuparek, and P. Kalenda
New Materials for Corrosion Control
31. Anticorrosion Organic Coatings Prepared from Aniline Oligomers and Their Epoxy-Cured Derivatives, Yen Wei, et al.
32. Polyaniline in Corrision-Resistant Coatings, T. Page McAndrew, et al.
33. Corrosion Inhibition Using Self-Assembled Monolayers of Alkanethiols on Copper, G. Kane Jennings and Paul E. Laibinis
34. Corrosion Protection with Organic Acid Sealants for Anodized Aluminum, Garson P. Shulman and Albert J. Bauman
35. Electrochemical Properties of Coatings from Renewablle Natural Products, U.G. Hermann, et al.
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