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I. The Ages of Women
Youthful Reflections
The Seven Stars (Blackfoot)
Two Sisters and the Porcupine (Menomini)
Mary Downing (fl. 1630s, Massachusetts)
Sarah ("Sally") Eve (1749/50-1744, Pennsylvania)
Elizabeth Sprigs (fl. 1756, Maryland)
Anna Green Winslow (1759-1779, Massachusetts)
Eliza Southgate Bowne (1783-1809, Maine)
Lucinda Lee (fl. 1787, Virginia)
On Women's Education
How Women Learned to Grind (Zuni)
Anne ("Nancy") Shippen Livingston (1763-1841, Pennsylvania)
Hannah Langdon (fl. 1789, Pennsylvania)
Priscilla Mason (fl. 1793, Pennsylvania)
Judith Sargent Murray (1751-1820, Massachusetts)
Charlotte Sheldon (fl. 1780-c. 1840, Connecticut)
Domestic Records
The Ignorant Housekeeper and The Wren and the Cricket (Cherokee)
Maria van Cortlandt van Rensselaer (1645-1689, New York)
Mary Wright Cooper (1714-1778, New York)
Abigail Abbott Bailey (1746-1815, New Hampshire)
Judith Cocks (fl. 1795, Georgia)
Susan Livingston Symmes (fl. 1794-1808, Maryland/Ohio)
Martha Laurens Ramsay (1759-1811, South Carolina)
Rebecca Dickinson (1738-1815, Massachusetts)
Elizabeth Sandwith Drinker (1734-1807, Pennsylvania)
Businesswomen's Writings
Martha Daniell Logan (1704-1779, South Carolina)
Deborah Read Franklin (1708-1774, Pennsylvania)
Eliza Lucas Pinckney (c. 1722-1793, South Carolina)
Coosaponakessa (Mary Musgrove Matthews Bosomworth (c. 1700-post 1760, Georgia)
Mary Katherine Goddard (1738-1816, Maryland)
"Death-Bed" Declarations
Skate'ne (Choctaw)
Sarah Whipple Goodhue (1641-1681, Massachusetts)
Hannah Hill, Jr. (c. 1703-1714, Pennsylvania)
Rebekah Chamblit (?-1733, Massachusetts)
II. Emerging Feminist Voices
Feminist Visions
Elizabeth Magawley (fl. 1730-31, Pennsylvania)
"Aspasia" (fl. 1776-89)
Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson (1737-1801, Pennsylvania)
Judith Sargent Murray (1751-1820, Massachusetts)
Sarah Pierce (1767-1852, Connecticut)
III. Origins, Revolutions, and Women in the Nations
First Women
Sky Woman (Iroquois)
The First Ship (Chinook)
Margaret Tyndal Winthrop (c. 1591-1647, Massachusetts)
Susanna Moseley (fl. 1649-50, Virginia)
Katherine Marbury Scott (fl. 1658, Rhode Island)
Barbara Smith (fl. 1689, Maryland)
Mary Herendean Pray (fl. 1675, Rhode Island)
Hannah Callowhill Penn (1671-1726, Pennsylvania)
Mary Stafford (fl. 1711, South Carolina)
Elizabeth Bland (fl. 1735, Georgia)
Spiritual Narratives
The Ghost Bride and The Ghost Wife (Pawnee)
Two Girls and the Dancers (Zuni)
Sister Crackbone (fl. c. 1640, Massachusetts)
Mary Traske and Margaret Smith (fl. 1660, Massachusetts)
Bathsheba Bowers (1672-1718, Pennsylvania)
Jane Fenn Hoskens (1694-?, Pennsylvania)
Sophia Wigington Hume (1702-1774, South Carolina)
Jemima Wilkinson (1752-1819, Rhode Island)
Captivity Narratives and Travel Journals
Mary White Rowlandson (1637?-1711, Massachusetts)
Sarah Kemble Knight (1666-1727, Massachusetts)
Elizabeth Meader Hanson (1684-1741, New Hampshire)
Mary Lewis Kinnan (1763-1848, Virginia)
Mary Coburn Dewees (fl. 1787-88, Pennsylvania/Kentucky)
Epistolary Exchanges
The Winthrop Women (1630s-40s, Massachusetts)
Abigail Smith Adams (1744-1818, Massachusetts) and Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814, Massachusetts)
The Norris-Fishers-Zane Circle (1780s, New Jersey/Pennsylvania)
Petitions, Political Essays, and Organizational Tracts
Mary Easty (fl. 1692, Massachusetts)
New York Widows (1733, New York)
Belinda (fl. 1782, New York)
Esther DeBerdt Reed (1747-1780, Pennsylvania)
Letitia Cunningham (fl. 1783, Pennsylvania)
Women of Wilmington, North Carolina (1782, North Carolina)
Petition of the Young Ladies (1787, United States)
Margaretta Van Wyck Bleecker Faugeres (1771-1801, New York)
Revolutionary War Writings
Susanna Wright (1697-1784, Pennsylvania)
Mary Willing Byrd (1740-1814, Virginia)
Mary Bartlett (?-1789, New Hampshire)
Mary ("Molly") Brant (Mohawk, ?-1796)
Patience Lovell Wright (1725-1786, New Jersey/London)
Ann Gwinnett (?-post-1780, Georgia)
Dorothy Dudley (fl. 1775-76, Massachusetts)
Margaret Hill Morris (1737-1816, Maryland/New Jersey)
Lydia Minturn Post (fl. 1776-83, New York)
Sarah Wister (1761-1804, Pennsylvania)
Native American Songs (Omaha, Hopi, Ojibway, and Osage)
Anne Dudley Bradstreet (1612-1672, Massachusetts)
Martha Wadsworth Brewster (fl. 1725-57, Massachusetts)
Hannah Griffitts (1727-1817, Pennsylvania)
Lucy Terry (Prince) (1730-1821, Massachusetts/Vermont)
Sarah Parsons Moorhead (fl. 1741-42, Massachusetts)
Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson (1737-1801, Pennsylvania)
Ann Eliza Schuyler Bleecker (1752-1783, New York)
Phillis Wheatley (c. 1753-1784, Massachusetts)
Anna Young (Smith) (1756-1780, Pennsylvania)
Sarah Wentworth Apthorp Morton (1759-1846, Massachusetts)
Anonymous Women Poets
Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814, Massachusetts)
Hannah Adams (1755-1831, Massachusetts)
Louisa Susannah Wells (Aikman) (c. 1755-1831, South Carolina)
Eliza Younge Wilkinson (fl. 1779-82, South Carolina)
Judith Sargent Murray (1751-1820, Massachusetts)
Judith Sargent Murray (1751-1820, Massachusetts)
Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814, Massachusetts)
Margaretta Van Wyck Bleecker Faugeres (1771-1801, New York)
Susannah Haswell Rowson (1761-1824, Massachusetts)
Ann Eliza Schuyler Bleecker (1752-1783, New York)
Hannah Webster Foster (1758-1840, Massachusetts)
Tabitah Gilman Tenney (1762-1837, Massachusetts)
Notable Early American Women
Selected Bibliography

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