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Counter Ever wonder why . . .
...a man shuts down or walks away when a woman begins arguing with him?
...guys in a restaurant choose the seats with the backs against the walls?
...some men rarely speak up in meetings and absolutely never put anything in writing?
...most men won't tell even their best friends how much money they really make?
...every man you ever met hates surprise parties?, old, and in--between-all panic when a woman say "We need to talk"?

Dr. Joy Browne knows why. And whether you're a man or a woman, It's a Jungle Out There, Jane can help you understand why guys act, think, talk, love, stay, stray, tune out, and tune in the way that they do. Dr. Joy can even tell you why they don't help much around the house. So, if you've ever wondered "Why did he (or I) do that?" here's the information you need, all served up in a no-nonsense, wonderfully fun manner.

The good news is that men are not from Mars and women are not from Venus, but the rest of the story is that we all--men and women--are animals with an instinctive, primal center that influences how we feel, act, and react. And that means the first step to understanding why guys act, think, talk, love, make love, stay, stray, tune out, tune in, and turn on is to explore the male from his biological, sociological, and anthropological point of view. Sound overwhelming? Not necessarily.

Whether we're talking about gorillas in the mist or guys in suburbia, it's best to study organisms in their natural habitat to understand what's really going on. And Dr. Joy Browne does just that--she takes us into the office, the home, the bar, and the bedroom to show us men at work, at play, and at leisure. A best-selling author, syndicated columnist, clinical psychologist, and radio and television talk show host, Dr. Joy is at her insightful best here as she guides you through the wild world of male-female relationships. You'll meet and learn about
The Lion  Why do men have to be kings and why is that mane so important to them?
The Top Dog  Why do men always know who's up and who's down, and why do they care so much?
The Gorilla  Why do men freeze when women say "We need to talk"?
The Bear  Why can't men pick up after themselves around the house?
The Pack  What do men do when they get together with their friends?

Smart, funny, and nonjudgmental, It's a Jungle Out There, Jane offers both men and women the help they need to get along with all the people in their lives, whether they're friends, lovers, mates, or offspring. So, Tarzan, that means when you get to the last page, you'll know yourself better than you do right now. And, Jane, you'll finally be able to answer the question "Why did he do that?"
And, best of all, since this is from Dr. Joy Browne, America's favorite radio psychologist, It's a Jungle Out There, Jane offers self-help advice that really can help.

Dr. Joy Browne is America's favorite radio shrink, a syndicated columnist, a best-selling author, and, now, a television talk show host--all because her millions of fans know that she'll always give them what they need: self-help that really can help.

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